Rear Hub Motor Advice

Apr 18, 2023
I want to build a reliable city commuter that will:

  • Sprint for 2 mins at 35 mph
  • Cruise at 28 mph throttle only on flat terrain
  • 20 mph on a 10-degree incline.
  • The high ambient temp is 90 degrees
  • The bike is 56 lbs 27.5 wheels 2x4 inch tires

  • Set it and forget it no need to update the programming
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Linear Acceleration
  • Comfortable cruiser (Seating position) Juiced RCS is very comfortable)
  • Little to no delay with PAS
  • Battery powered Front and Rear lighting with brake light

  • Inframe wiring
  • Controller compartent 52x45x100

I am 210 lbs

I currently have the following in my possession and I am willing to use a $200 Amazon credit and add another $500 (I am not married to either motor)

Both those motors will melt on a long 10 degree incline / at your desired cruising speed. You need something 1kw rated or higher.
You probably want a grin RH212 or GMAC.. both rather high torque and good on hills.

If you don't mind another 4-6lbs then the leafmotor 1.5kw 5T could be a really good choice thanks to it's higher efficiency vs both options. This will lower the power draw, which you need, because your battery actually can't fully feed it.

Here's a GMAC on the motor simulator to play with, hits ~33.5 mph on your battery ( if you get into a tuck position ):
Motor Simulator - Tools
Mxus gdc 19 is stronger and takes more power before overheating than mac or gmac motor.
I have both