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RICETOO 48v 500w Rear Hub


100 kW
Jul 19, 2014
COVID boredom engulfed me, so I purchased a "waterproof" RICETOO geared system from Amazon ($300 plus tax, free shipping). The kit included torque arm, rear light, front light and brake shut-off parts (for those who use them) as well as the motor, 22 Amp (AIR) controller thumb throttle, PAS unit and a nicely lit display. Installation on an early 90's Diamondback Axis MTB was easy with the biggest challenge being hiding excess wires. The package came to 36 pounds without battery and with a 52V 14 ah Luna battery goes 25 mph with 180 pound rider. The kit seems decently thought out, manufactured adequately and saved me from purchasing a similarly-equipped bike just for something different to ride.
300 is about the going rate you can save a bit on 1000w direct drive voilamarts https://www.amazon.com/Voilamart-Electric-Conversion-Intelligent-Controller/dp/B07QNP3PJN with no torque arms. 1500w is legit but a bit more https://www.amazon.com/Voilamart-Electric-Conversion-Programmable-Controller/dp/B07FVQPKYV/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1N48G4YBTTEEO&keywords=voilamart+ebike+hub+motor+1500w&qid=1641365779&s=sporting-goods&sprefix=voilamart+ebike+hub+motor+1500w%2Csporting%2C172&sr=1-2

Do give an update on the RICETOO 48v 500w Rear Hub what kv they picked for you do some stator lamination measurements if you are so inclined.
Thanks for your response; I'll ask the people at RICE since they're responsive and helpful. I had great success with a YESCOM DD system. Just wanted to try something different (and lighter weight). I was considering it for off road, but any extra weight in the rear wheel seems to detract from the bikes ability to negotiate anything but smooth dirt terrain. The DD system with 30 amp controller topped out at 33 mph (or rather I topped out since it still seemed to be accelerating), while the geared hub with 22 amp (AIR) only goes 25 using the same 52V, 14 ah battery.
I used a 48V motor and a 52V battery. After 1 hour of riding, the motor stopped working. The motor is burnt out.
I've been using the system @ 52V with no problems. Recently, I added the PAS (needed to procure another crank in order to install the "disc"), and the response is better than with throttle. However, the top speed is still about 25 mph on flat terrain. RICE provided a bag for the controller, but it got too hot, so was discarded and the controller mounted where it received lots of air flow. Now it stays much cooler.
After about six months of use, the motor has developed an annoying "clunk" which needs to be addressed. I recommend that individuals looking for a quality product to go elsewhere.
I didn't discover what caused the problem. RICE wasn't available to answer any questions, and (amazingly) Amazon let me return the kit for credit (with a 20% or so reduction).