Sun Trike 20 MPH


10 mW
May 18, 2021
I am 77. Been pedaling a Sun traditional for 8 years. About 5-6 years without electric, and 2-3 years with a 1200 watt front hub and a 52 volt 20 amp hour battery. Have always run dogs alongside it. Currently running 3 or more dogs, one or two at a time. Sometimes one dog off leash. It is absolute poetry on the best days. Few days ago, three dogs one at time, two to three miles each. Pups, 6mos to a year, and old dogs get shorter runs. My great granddaughter's one year old pup hits 20 mph. That boy can fly. We only do that in short sprints on safe streets that I know! Small town. LOL! Grandson has an ebike. He test rode my trike. "You don't have any brakes!" there was some brake there. Goal has always been to go completely around town without using brakes. Many days it happened. Dog running with my, I have to see ahead, and anticipate. Often hit 19 mph. Routinely ride 15-17 mph. Have to slow down for turns. Dogs trained to slow for turns. LOL! For the most part! Dogs are always dogs. Gotta talk to them. There was a learning curve! 3-6 times a week last winter. 4-10 miles. Any day above 33 degrees and no snow. Dogs love it! Been over in the ditch. Always aware that flying is great! The landings can hurt. Gotta slow down for turns, watch ahead, anticipate distractions that affect dogs, and be careful. On a shaky Ol Sun Trike, it really does feel like flying. Too close to the ground! .....Yet.... Too far from the ground. I am sort of the town character. Worked 35 years for it.