Surly Ice Cream Truck 5kW Crystalyte Hub New No Battery


1 mW
Mar 11, 2010
Hey guys, I picked up this bike locally from a guy who inherited it from his Uncle. He knew nothing about it.

I know a lot about bikes, and very little about ebikes. I did a little research on the kit that is installed. It is from a company in CA called HPC - High Performance Hub Motor Conversion Kit. I emailed them asking what I have based on pictures, and received a quick response "The motor you have can go up to 5000W. It would need a 74V battery that can output minimum 60A continuous". The motor and controller are Crystalyte but manufactured for HPC to their specs. The frame bag is HPC's own design Made in USA and very nice. Cycle Analyst controller. The wires were never plugged in or zip tied and I don't think this bike and kit have ever been used. I started plugging things in just to see where they go. I never powered it up.

As for the bike, it is brand new except for the riding I did around my house. It's an XL frame, which for me at 5'10" was about my max. The Reach is 453mm, so not crazy long, seat's just a bit high with the Cane Creek Thudbuster seat post lowered all the way. I have other seatposts if you wanted to swap it for something that could go lower.

Fork is a Rock Shox Bluto uncut steerer tube, Cranks are Surly, drivetrain is 2x9 with Alevio shifters and a Deore rear Der. Brakes are Tektro mineral oil with cut-off switches. Bars are Race Face Atlas, full width 800mm. Front wheel is an Origin 8 rim laced to a Salsa hub, rear is a Surly Rolling Darryl, both shod with Surly Knard 4.8 120tpi tires that are also brand new, still have all nubs. Pedals are Wellgo aluminum.

I was going to buy a battery and start commuting to work on the bike but the cost is too high, and I'm not sure I would actually use it that much.

I am in Shelton, CT, 06484. Anyone is more than welcome to bring a battery and test this out. I would prefer not to ship because of the weight and size, but I could do that if someone were interested. I have shipped over a dozen bikes in the past.

I'm asking $1800 for the bike and kit as you see it. I would also break up the package and sell just the kit for $900, shipping would obviously be much cheaper and easier this way. I'm also not opposed to trades, especially bike related.

Any questions, or if more pics are needed just ask.



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Thanks onespeed! I think it's a good deal for someone.

I would also sell just the hub motor/wheel, controller/electronics with the frame bag if anyone is interested!
Bumping this up. I am going to part out the ebike parts, so let me know what you are interested in and shoot me an offer.

Wow, I just stumbled upon this and am actually quite interested! Is everything still all together or did the part-out already begin?