Your wish list for ES in 2024

E is for Electrons? ;)

Presumably there will remain a redirect at the present address, so that all the internal and external links everywhere will still point to the right places?
Does this implementation included maintaining with a re-direct to
100%, and keeping links to old phpbb threads active also.
On a technical basis, switching to will be the easiest thing we do this year.
Yeah, endless sphere is the name of some dude's defunct hosting company, it's probably time to move on :)
...yeah, i got hit by that guy too!

It looks like:
- I can't turn this off in Xenforo
- You can't remove the follow
- Xenforo team not fulfilling people's requests to add an option, not enough people whining about it
- Some plugins exist but they're dated

So we'd have to find some other way to achieve this ( i have a few ideas )

Ramifications of being followed:

1) i get to see when you're online.

Not the worst thing.

2) I imagine i get some notifications when you do... anything! i've followed you to see what i get. I can't immediately gain more access to you by following you than i did before, though.

One privacy centric option is to change 'receive news feed' to nobody:


The 'news feed' is the 'latest activity' tab, which allows members ( and above ) to see this:


So yeah, if you are privacy centric, i'd change that setting for now.

Will report back on what happens with me cyberstalking cowardlyduck, hehe
FWIW, "that guy" was just another copy of a spammer I already nuked they're gone again, since they were still just spamming.
Any way to widen the forum page itself? On my ultrawide the forum is like a small strip in the middle of my screen.
Any way to widen the forum page itself? On my ultrawide the forum is like a small strip in the middle of my screen.

The wider a website gets,
- The more eye/brain labor is needed to read.
- The taller images get, which makes each page much longer.
- The longer the mouse distance in between everything.

Some people complained about the content area being 250px wider than it currently is because of these factors. I think we have it approximately right.

I'm sorry but that would be a very unpopular choice.

An ultrawide is meant to be equivalent to 2 monitors, so for web browsing, given most sites target a ~1200px wide screen, it's recommended that you run two web browsers side by side. I have 1440p monitors here
FWIW, I run two windows side by side on a 1920x1080 42"(?) monitor. Which windows depends on what I'm doing, there's usually one that's an ancient Firefox browser with ES open, set to about a thousand pixels wide, or a bit more (don't recall exactly, determined by how well I could fit ES into it and do what I need to in it while making it easy to read), and another with the rest of the width to it's right with a reasonably modern version of Chrome open (used to research things to help on ES and just do general stuff on that can't be done on the ancient FF). Then the start bar for Win10 vertically to the left of everything out of the way, to get more of the needed vertical space back. Other programs may be used to the right of the FF window or fullscreen, etc. (like SONAR has to go fullscreen, or other audio editors, drawing programs, etc--things not used while on the intarwebz).
Thanks! Looks like I already had that lets see what happens.

Okay i've had this on for over a week now.
Many moons ago we turned off the spooky features this enables.

Following someone is essentially useless. Possible that we could hide it and then, use of the feature would be a good tipoff that bot activity is occurring.
Any way to widen the forum page itself? On my ultrawide the forum is like a small strip in the middle of my screen.

Actually on second thought.
This isn't as hard to implement as i thought, came up with an interesting hack.
If more people request this, i'll throw it in.
Here's where we stand with the user submitted list:

Anonymous posting: no, too much of a mess to moderate
Slightly easier signup w/ new dependency on 3rd party services: no, concerns about it biting us later need to be mitigated first
Way better search: Hell yes, but it's a nightmare difficulty task and we need to figure out how to min/max the effort.
Ultrawide view: No, unless a lot pf people see a preview of it in action and actually want it afterwards.

Just leaves us with:

Way better search
Dark mode : light mode feature parity
AW's moderation feature list ( discussed internally )

Is that all we got?
Any way to widen the forum page itself? On my ultrawide the forum is like a small strip in the middle of my screen.
I widen the site via my FF browser (mine is set at 120%). You can also hold down the left Ctrl key, and rotate the mouse wheel.
Might that make it hard to read?

Yes, but if a lot of people prefer the option for gigawide mode - it's v. easy to implement
As long as it stays the same (or gets better) for narrow windows. ;)

FWIW, I have lots of things I'd love to see changed, but I doubt anyone else cares about them, and they would probably not be worth the time to do for just me and the two other people on the planet that might care. :)

I'd rather see the search improved than any other function, myself. If ther'es a vote for order in which to do them, I'll go register a few hundred accounts and use them all to vote for that. :lol:
AW, i care about the things you want, you're a structural pillar here (y). A lot of them seem way over my budget, and may only impact 2 people, so i hope you understand why your list has just built up.

I'm interested in meeting up with you in the future to see what's high priority, low priority, what things can be bent.

And i totally agree with you about search and have some ideas how to improve it but not an entire plan. Search is going to be crazy hard to improve, but it is worth it.
Fair points on the anonymous posting....that's the 'ton of risk' I was referring to.

One other way we could allow easier usage would be a federation or SSO from other sources. i.e. sign in with your facebook or google account.

What are thoughts on that?

I never, ever use those services as they are simply data harvesting aggregators.
Use a standalone password program instead.
I never, ever use those services as they are simply data harvesting aggregators.

With you. This idea is quashed until the deal between us and those 3rd party providers changes ( i don't see that happening )

Another thing to think about, is that we've been around longer than most social media networks. ES started in 2006.
We have adequate funding for operations and are investing in efficiencies to lower operations costs even further.

If we integrate with some 3rd party provider, historically speaking, we will probably outlast them and their disappearance will harm our forum ( long running theme so far, good example is 3rd party image hosting providers )

Let's instead improve our 'first party' experience :)