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Chinese EBB Clones build

Jul 13, 2016
North Carolinas
My 3rd ebike build.
Build this fast on a budget from donor bike parts and Ebay.
All probably cost me under $800
1kw motor kit
48v 20A diy lithium pack
rc hobby gauges
Fastest around 32mph about 20miles/ charge full throttle whole time. Draws 30 Ah start, 19ah cruise @30mph
Only has rear brake for test drives :? Front brake installed later on.


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Love it; is this the large frame sold by eyebyesickle? Because I have order a red large frame from him with a Sabvoton controller, nice works, I will post my pictures of this bike when it's done

Good Day!
Its a smaller frame,
i got mine from Ebay, didnt know about eyebyesickles selling it but probably same mfc plant. They look identical.
Im working on a 52Ah battery pack for it. Should last atleast 50miles full throttle...assuming motor and controller can handle the heat.

Would love to see your build, Ariane. Btw, nicely custom built bike from you sig.
New battery pack with 2.4Kw!!! 13S20P of Samsung 26F batteries. Although these are recycled laptop batteries (ICR series) its specs max at 2C=5Amp discharge, having them in a 20 parallel give a theoretical max discharge at 100Amp. So at 13s its giving a max of 4800watts which my 1000w motor will just melt ? lol
Anyway, the highest draw from the controller on start up is at 30Amp. So Im estimating this pack will give me atleast 60miles run at full speed or over 100miles casual 20mph speed.. :mrgreen:
Here's the pack built:


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I got a few updates:

New tires, they are Cyclops 26x2.4 @ $17/piece shipped!! Maxxis worm can stay in the ground! Not paying their prices.
12V regulator to supply lights, brakes.
Temperature sensor switch (to run fans cooling down battery pack-experimental)
Headlights n switches.

I made an extra positive wire from battery pack to go to the frame's key switch which activate the regulator. Off switch cut off power to it so no parasitic drain when not in usage. I added a 100ohms resistor to the LED brake light to make it dimmer. WOrks great.

I use the bike to cruise around the ngbrhood for some fresh air and if its a nice sun-less day I commute to work. Its a 10miles trip each way. I would use it more if I can find a safer route. More than 4 miles I gotta be on the main 4 lanes street with vehicle going 60+mph. There's the emergency lane which I ride on but its still not too safe knowing folks texting and driving and may not pay attention to the road. I ride around 20-24mph, bike max speed at 32mph.

I did some rough calculation and come up with 24.4wh/mile which my new pack will do around 100miles per charge :) Worst case senario with this used/recycle battery pack is 20-25% less capacity I still have atleast 40A pack wich will yield 80miles/charge. I have not run it til bms cut off, first few charges I ran around 2000w/hr before plug it in charger.

This used/laptop battery pack cost around $250 in parts @40A (worst case), definitely a GO for an avg DIYer. You can't find a premanufactured pack at twice the price for the same power. :roll:

Coming updates: Front suspensions (Rockshox Domain R)


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Hit the 400miles odometer today.

Modded the shun of my controller and max amp startup went up to 60A, around 2800watts pump to hub. Cruise around 28A, 1300w :evil: Torque is alot better than 30A start/20A cruise before modded. Now im thinking of beefing up phase wirings. Rock shox domain arrived but had to order a direct mount for it. Cant wait to try it out either.
Got an 18fets 48x1500w controller on the way. I will try to test it, them probably mod the shun to pump as much juice as possible to the motor....hopefully not melting it as (read somewhere) melting point is around 3kw :twisted: Then itll give me a reason for a more powerful hub.
Such a pretty day I couldn't resist to cruise down the waterfront and snap a few pics. Enjoy.


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Updated: Rock shox boxer and rear marzocchi rocco springs.
Ride is alot more plush.


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What kind of distance an speed are you getting?

I'm going to order this frame in a week or 2 from Eye. My original plan was to go 72v with a 5000w hub but I might go 52-60v and 30ah.

How did you like the rockshox over what you already had in it?