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Electrical issues


1 µW
Apr 10, 2024
Ok so I'm building a costum scooter mixing parts from my segway g2 and a go trax revival. The g2 has better parts but no display board and missing wires and cords. The revival has a bad battery and bad hub bearings. So what I'm doing is using everything from the g2 and going to attempt to use the display board from the revival but it was a 250watt scooter and the g2 is a 500watt both are 36 volt. Besides doin some minor wiring and connecter changing. Will I have any other issues.
Thanks In advance
If the controllers aren't identical, it's unlikely the display from one will work on the ohter. If the non-display never had one, it's almsot certainly not compatible with any display.

Other issues will depend on the differences between the systems.

Are they both brushless (3-phase, three thick motor wires)? Do they both use sensors on the motors (additional 5+ small motor wires)?

They both are 3 phase and yes both use the 5 smaller wires that sensor the motor. I'm almost certain this will work as long as I wide up the 5 smaller wires correctly. But I don't know where they go.
Which 5 smaller wires?

If it's the hall sensor wires, then you'll have to figure out which ones are 5v (or whatever voltage it uses) and ground first (you can't experimentally determine those while it's connected to battery, as you can damage the controller and motor). Once you know for sure which ones are 5v and ground for the hall sensor wire set on the controlelr, and on the motor, then you can connect those.

Then you can try the six possible combinations of the other three (sensor) wires to see which one makes the motor run forward at correct speed at the lowest battery current.

If all of the stuff came prebuilt from a single manufacturer then it is likely that the wire colors will match between parts of the system, but there is no guarantee of that.

Anything that did not come from a single manufacturer may have any possible combination of colors used, so don't let wire color be your guide to anything (some don't even use black for ground and red for positive all the time, but sometimes they do.... :( )

If it's the display wires, then if they didn't come as a set (controller and display) it's so unlikely that they could work together it is not usually worth the risk of damaging parts by connecting them anyway.