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Jan 11, 2024
Does anybody have any idea where I can get software for empower 3336 and 3572 I’m trying to make these Golf Carts go faster thank you so much
If you're looking for the name in the title Enpower, there are controllers by them, but the name in your post itself Empower I can't find anything on.

A search on your exact phrase but using n instead of m turns up a hit as the first non-advertisement google result
I have no way to know if it's real or not.

There are further hits on that first page with info as well.

Note that unless your carts are specifically speed limited by a software setting telling them they aren't allowed to go faster than some specific speed, the software isnt' going to help you for this.

If they're speed limited in software, then the powered wheels will spin the same speed offground as they do while driving around, when at max throttle. In that event, then assuming the software gives you access to change the speed limit, you can make them faster by however much the hardware is capable of.

If they spin faster offground, then you're limited by your hardware, usually battery voltage or motor kV, or drivetrain gearing if it's not hubmotors, or wheel/tire outside diameter (same effect as gearing).

There's some small exceptions to these, but that's the general test to see if it's even worth messing with the software. (depending on what settings the software has access to, and whether you know how to use it thoroughly or not, it's possible to effectively brick your controller doing it, if you don't know what to change the settings back to if a change makes the system inoperable).