FIIDO D11 - Motor+Display Shut Off + E002 (throttle) + E003 (breaks) + horn issues


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Nov 14, 2023
Hi All,

I am Fabio, a new e-biker and member of this forum, and I have recently bought a second-hand Fiido D11. It worked fine for a month or so, but then I got stuck in a flooded street a couple of weeks ago and the bike’s wheels got half submerged (including motor I would say). Then, I started experiencing the following issues:
  • Immediately after I got stuck in the flooded street for a few minutes (wheels half submerged), the display and motor shut off. I had to restart the battery and switch on the bike from the display. The bike was kind of fine for a couple of quick rides, presenting the display + motor shut off issue 3-4 times only.

  • Some days after, I removed the original nuts from rear wheel to install two anti-theft nuts. In doing so, the rear wheel / brake disk detached from the rear fork (but I did not remove the motor cable). I reinstalled the rear wheel and the display showed E003 error (breaks as per Fiido’s manual), with the motor not running. I tried to check (i) if the breaks and rear wheels were re-installed correctly and (ii) if the connections in the controller box were fine, and I found a purple cable out of the plastic connector (I quite sure is one that goes from the controller to the display) and I put it back in. After a while the E003 error did not show on the display and the motor started running again.

  • The day after the removal of the rear wheel I rode the bike and the motor + display shut off issue reappeared with more frequency (every 5 to 10 minutes, or even sooner). Moreover, when using the throttle, the horn emitted a slight sound (and when clicking on the horn button, the horn made a weird sound). I tried to disconnect the light + horn but that did not relolve the shutting off issue. Moreover, at the end of that ride, the display first showed a E002 issue (throttle) and then a E003 (breaks) issue - I had to pedal back home as the motor would not turn back again. I therefore disconnected all of the waterproof connectors near the handle bar, dried them off, and connected them back.

  • Since then the bike gave me the motor + shot uff issue, until this morning when the motor + display shut off issue did not present itself, but after 10 minutes the bike showed again E003 error and I had to pedal without electrical assistance. This evening, on the way back home, I had no E003 error, but the motor + display shut off issue appeared again (with the horn issue as well). I checked again if all the connections in the controller box and they seem tight. Moreover, I tried to check if the motor + display shut off without load (i.e. with wheel in the air), and yes the bike does shuts down regardless after 1-2 minutes.
What do you think causes the shut off + horn + E003 + E002 issue? What can I do to resolve the problem? I live in Milan (Italy), is there any repair centre?

I have already emailed Fiido, but when I contacted them a month ago to ask for a simple information to buy the anti theft nuts they did not reply. Hence you are my last resort!