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Giant Revive BBS02 Mid-Drive

Only just came across this thread. Thanks for sharing! Do you mind if I link back to this thread from the other general Giant revive conversions thread?
The point of that thread is to link all these conversions together in one place.

I'm also very interested in that rear disc brake adaptor. I still have plans (and all the parts) to build a fat tire conversion, but the rear brake was one of the hardest problems to solve. I've recently learnt to weld so was thinking of just welding on some plate drilling holes and calling it a day, but your design/solution is far better.

Link away. The Revive bike is rather uncommon here in Houston but when I checked Craig's list in McAllen, Texas I found half a dozen used ones. That area is heavily populated by senior citizens (one reason I am moving there).

The brake hanger seems to have worked out well but I noted last week that I need to adjust the angle of the dangle from inside to outside. The outside shoe gets full contact but the inside is barely nipping the edge of the disk. Should be able to correct that with the mounting screws/convex washers.