Grin Phase Runner / CA3 and BBSHD

Tommy L

100 kW
Dec 23, 2010
Saint Augustine, Florida USA
I have this setup and running it at 4750 watts with 62-64amp consistent then backs off to 3300watts at 40mph.
But I hear that some have rewound with special 200C wire and are running 10kw into the rewound BBSHD.
Anyone know where to get a rewind done?
Dec 4, 2022
I'm having trouble getting pas to work. I've tried using the 12v-5v regulator provided by grin, no dice. I've tried taking the 5v from auxillary in plug from cycle analyst, pas still not detected. I know my pas sensor is good since I've tested it with the stock bbs controller. I'm using an old cat6 cable for my pas connections like a user had suggested in this thread. Really wish I could get pas working.
So it turns out you can't just wire up pas and have it work... You MUST turn pas 'on' in the cycle analyst setup program, otherwise it'll never work. Pas by default will not work with bbs motors unless pas settings are changed. Thank you to everyone for making me figure it out. In hindsight I guess it's obvious you'd want to 'setup' cycle analyst settings.