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Grin Phase Runner / CA3 and BBSHD

I have this setup and running it at 4750 watts with 62-64amp consistent then backs off to 3300watts at 40mph.
But I hear that some have rewound with special 200C wire and are running 10kw into the rewound BBSHD.
Anyone know where to get a rewind done?
I'm having trouble getting pas to work. I've tried using the 12v-5v regulator provided by grin, no dice. I've tried taking the 5v from auxillary in plug from cycle analyst, pas still not detected. I know my pas sensor is good since I've tested it with the stock bbs controller. I'm using an old cat6 cable for my pas connections like a user had suggested in this thread. Really wish I could get pas working.
So it turns out you can't just wire up pas and have it work... You MUST turn pas 'on' in the cycle analyst setup program, otherwise it'll never work. Pas by default will not work with bbs motors unless pas settings are changed. Thank you to everyone for making me figure it out. In hindsight I guess it's obvious you'd want to 'setup' cycle analyst settings.
I thought I would post this because while I was researching this combo, it was very hard to find the info I needed. Hopefully this helps you if you're considering this combo. For starters, I feel compelled to say that I tried for a couple months to buy the "plug and play" version from ElectricERT.com and gave up. After numerous calls, emails and promises, ERT simply dropped the ball.

I ordered a Phase Runner and CA3 directly from Grin at ebikes.ca and received it from Canada in a shockingly quick 3 days. The goal was to remove the stock BBSHD controller and upgrade to 88v to get more speed out of the motor while reducing strain on the motor and eliminate gear shifts.

From what I could find online, I expected the installation to be a nightmare. While there were a few things that slowed me down, getting the controller to work wasn't one of them. If you're considering this option, I highly recommend it and wouldn't hesitate in suggesting you also order direct from Grin and save money.

I will post the exact wiring soon from the Phase Runner to the BBSHD. The auto tune function literally worked flawlessly and the software is smart enough to map the hall sensors and offset automatically no matter how you connect it. It just works.

My KHS 650 6500 FS mountain bike has been transformed into something truly amazing. I love the Cycle Analyst and do not miss the color Bafang screen at all. Having amp draw at a glance, fully adjustable voltage cut off for Lipo packs and accurate watts consumption is amazing. I am thrilled that the controller and motor sounds exactly the same as before...whisper quiet.

In the past I would start off in 3rd gear and use the half twist throttle to get to work. Shifting through various gears to get up to 32-35mph was a drag even double shifting. The motor pulled max watts for extended periods, but never seemed to get hot at all or complain.

Now I start in 3rd and just leave it there. The bike accelerates twice as hard and pulls all the way up to 43mph while only pulling between 15-20 watts for the majority of it because of the low gear. Peak current is about 36 amps but only for a short time. I love not shifting and I love going faster. In 2nd or 3rd gear the bike wheelies from a roll.

The CA3 lets you adjust how quickly the power comes on...super sweet.

I still have to install the motor temp sensor and connect the PAS but so far the motor runs cooler than the stock controller and the Phase runner barely warms up.

I used my Bafang twist trottle. Just changed the connector on the CA3 to match. The speed sensor was to short on the CA3, so I extended it. Connection to the Phase Runner and CA3 was plug and play from Grin.

Don't let anyone tell you this is difficult or having one "pre programmed" is important. Its was painless and I couldn't be happier.
Hi, I am think on doing the same thing. it is possible to add a torque sensor to it.