Help me choose a 48V battery for a TSDZ2 mid drive conversion


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Dec 17, 2021
I am currently using a 48V 7.5 AH Lithium battery from a Jetson Haze folding bike in a TSDZ2 (48V 500W motor) mid drive conversion. On the Haze, the battery will run 17 miles full throttle which meets Jetson's spec, even though when fully charged, it reaches only 54 V, not 54.6 V. Does this indicate some issues with the battery?

On the mid drive bike, the battery can get 40 mile range from a full charge easily. Because it came from a folding bike, it does not have a mounting bracket and is strapped onto the down tube with a bicycle inner tube. I am looking for a battery that's less conspicuous. Any suggestions? I don't want a battery higher than 10 AH to keep the size down.
Read the Amazon reviews. About 1 out of 6 give the seller one star, mostly for short battery life. It's a shrink wrapped battery in a case that looks nice in pictures. Shrink wrapped packs in this price range rarely use cell separators, and are glued together, making them vulnerable to damage if dropped.

I'd get a bottle battery that uses name brand cells.

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This EM3eV EM3ev Super Shark 48V (13S4P) Ebike Battery | EM3ev is well made but big and heavy @ 10.4 lbs, may not fit in the triangle so out of the question.

Not many choices for bottle battery on Amazon. Found this one $10 delivery May 10- Jun 3. Can't be shipped to NYC probably due to not UL approved (true for all Amazon Lithium batteries) so I'd have to have it sent to a friend in NJ.

How's this one from Aliexpress, free shipping est delivery Jun 28? Not sure if they would ship to NYC. I'd hate to have it confiscated by US Customs. Would probably ship to a friend in NJ.|query_from:#nav-specification
Unit Pack Power (UPP) bottle batteries withthe premium cells
I would. I am thinking of the 48V 10.5 AH Samsung for $270. Premium cells? Is that an option I can choose that's extra $ ? I don't see it. Which one do you have?

Edit: I thought weights were listed but now I cannot find them. I am having second thoughts about the 10.5 AH and think I should go with the 7 AH which is smaller and lighter. If the 7 AH unit can give me the same range as the Jetson Haze 7.5 AH battery I will be happy.
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I don't have any of these newer designs. Mine are the older 36V10Ah bottle batteries from 2017-2018. One of the Samsung packs has seen covered 6000 miles in 500 rides over the past 5 years, charging to full after each ride, and I still trust it for a 35 mile ride on my hub motor bike. These are two small for a TSDZ2, but I think a 48V7AH to 48V10AH will be fine.

Always get the premium cells. They will run longer. When you get down under 40Better cells have enough grunt to % charge on a smaller battery, the voltage sag and spikes under high current can be enough to shut off the battery with cheap cells.
I ordered this 48 V 7 AH on Apr 22

Estimated delivery was suppose to be May 5. Today is May 9 and battery has not shown up. The only tracking info is item was shipped Apr 27, no other update since. I've been messaging the seller UPP who says they use a shipper specializing in batteries, that the battery is currently in US Customs in California (has been for 3 days now), that I will get tracking update only after it clears Customs and scanned by Fedex.

Does this sound legit? Should I be concerned? Should I request a refund?

From Aliexpress: "If you buy any product through the site, you are protected if you don't receive your order on time. You can submit refund requests up to 15 days after your order has been completed. You can do this by opening a dispute in the order details page. Please note that you can only open one dispute per order."

What exactly is "order has been completed"? Is that when order has been placed? Or order has been shipped?
I would give them a few more days. Watch Aliexpress' tracking to see when it arrives in customs. I've seen some items stuck there for a week,

I had one item, a toy although it was $89, take a month to ship, I figured aliexpress would back me up if there was no shipping confirmation. They will too.

Where you get hosed is when they send you a cheap substitute, although that has never happened to me. I buy something at least once a month from aliexpress.,
It's been in Customs since May 5th. My first question to UPP amongst many before I placed the order was whether the battery is UL approved and if it can be shipped to NYC.

Their answer was:
"Hello, sorry , our this battery only have CE ,don't have UL .
you no need to worry the cusotms problem , our shipping method include customs service and customs cost . no need you to do that , just wait for it arrive to you thenok."

I wonder if it's held up in Customs due to it not having a UL label?
The UPP Triangle packs have been banned by the CPSC, and that may motivate the customs people to actually look inside the package, but with thousands of packages per hour coming, who knows.

Nine years ago, I bought a 36V battery from CHina on ebay and the package was opened up in customs, but I didn't notice any delay.
How's UPP doing financially since their triangle packs has been banned both in the UK and US? Will other countries follow and will they be able to survive?

Still no update to my order other than it has been shipped on Apr 27. The bit about it being in US Customs is from messaging from the seller UPP, not from my tracking info. Isn't that a bit strange?