Help me choose a motor / battery set up :)

The VESC project has an official app for Android/IOS that works as a display and control of configuration over bluetooth.
VESC Tool - Apps on Google Play

I own about 6 VESC controllers ranging from 0.6kw to 25kw.

There is a large spectrum of VESC controllers available for nearly every budget/disposition.
While I am very interested in VESC and how customisable they are, I love tinkering with things and getting more speed / efficiency for free does sound awesome.

I think I will just stick with the KT controller for now it's much cheaper than a VESC and seems like it'll be easier to set up. Maybe that's best for me at the moment, with this being my first time building an ebike.

If everything goes well and I feel like upgrading in the future I will look at getting a VESC. I do wish there were more information about using them for ebikes! It's probably out there but I haven't managed to find it.