Help Programming controller - Duotts C29 - Chinese E-bike PAS is very bad

Greetings all! I read a lot of posts here today and i think i'm in the right place, a lot of smart and helpful people here!

Short version: How do i go about re-programming this thing? What do i even have? E-bike model is Duotts C29, 750w, 48v15Ah battery.

From google i figured my generic display model is called ''G 51'' , serial number on the back: XN22512307215168.
Sciwil looks to be OEM manufacturer for it, and in their user manual it says: ''explanation to the above Serial Code: 1:Program can be overridden(0 means can not be overridden)''. So that gives me hope.
And in some other manuals its mentioned: UART as Communications Protocol

And numbers on my actual controller are: JH4AJ6021DZYK , Dongguan jing hui Controller (duotts says its 48V 21A sine wave)

Problem with this e-bike is that on every PAS levels 1-5 it just gives out MAX Power/ Watts , and only limits max speed... and manual throttle is also max speed limited by the currently selected PAS level on the display, and there is no setting available on that display that solves my issue....

I am new to this sort of thing and never done it... but I am tech-savvy and I eventually figure out whatever I put my mind to, with the help of internet and good people on forums ;)

Long version: Just bought the bike from alibaba, (i planned to buy more for my business). I also bought rear-rack battery and dual battery voltage adapter so i can use both batteries at the same time, max range for delivery job is my goal... anyway did all that and went to test it out, just to be SEVERLY DISSAPOINTED by how BADLY this bike is set up /programmed.... No matter the PAS level selected it just gives out max power, and only limits its max speed... that's so dumb and non-usable... and on lvl 1 its limited to 19km/h! Right now its an electric scooter, not a bicycle! And to make things even worse, Throttle is also limited in max speed by the level of assist i selected!

Here is the example of how it should look like / what I want to achieve:

PAS 2: 150W / 15KMH
PAS 3: 350W / 30KMH
PAS 4: 500W / ...
PAS 5: 750W /...

Throttle max speed unlimited or not affected by the selected level of assist : give out W depending on how much throttle i give, independent of PAS settings

Anyway, you get what i'm saying and why this is so bad as it is right now.... i need pedaling to make sense and extend the range per my desires (hence the levels), And my throttle needs to be usable as it is intended, for me to have all the speed and power with a twist of the wrist! Oh! And i tried in settings P05 selecting 3 levels mode (instead of 5) and to my surprise its even worse! Those aren't programmed at all! On lvl 1 it gives max power and no speed limit, it just goes ! Also playing with P12 ''power boost start strength'' does nothing, did not noticed the difference, but that doesn't matter anyways, it is smooth enough, problem is that it does 750w all the time and i can't limit it!

How do i go about it? Can someone point me to the usb cable and PC software to use so i can play with it? Where do i plug it in? I hope that's possible...
Or do i need to buy new LCD that would have advanced settings i need, and would work with my controller? Or a whole new controller with display that would work with my motor? How do i identify what motor i have and does it even matter? What fits / what is compatible with what... anyway, i'm new to this...

Bike itself looks alright for the money, and has plenty of power really... but those guys at factory that did programming for it... the laziest thing ever, or pure incompetence, someone in that company should be replaced. Its really astonishing that they send out bikes set up this badly... This one thing makes the whole bike unusable and dumb, ruins the whole product.

Here are the pictures of my stuff. Hope you can help me with my problem guys, i really do... Thank you in advance!

View attachment 344504View attachment 344505View attachment 344506View attachment 344508View attachment 344509
I get good driving experiences with:
P05 1 05, P06 29, P07 0, P08 50, P09 0, P10 2, P11 12, P12 5, P13 5, P14 16
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