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Hidoes B6 Display Screen Replacement Help

Mar 17, 2024
York, Pa.
Hi everyone, I need some help very badly.
I have a Hidoes B6 E-bike and I was messing around in the perimeters and accidentally set a pass code and turned it on. I didn’t have a manual for the display which is a Yolin YL91F-V, it has a 6 pin Julet connector.
I ordered a replacement screen from AliExpress.
When I received it and plugged it in and tried to turn it on, nothing happened.
Can anyone help me with an answer to this question-if I were to cut the connector off my locked display, would there be a way to match the wires from the new display to my 6pin connector and what are my chances of it working that way.
The wiring on my bike consist of PAS wires, power wires, tail light wires, rear hub motor phase wires and a 6 pin julet wire, I can post pics in the morning of the controller.
If I cut the wires I’ll be out of my $103 refund. I want to make sure I have a good chance to get it working before cutting anything.
I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance.
Displays usually have to match the controller they're used with, not just the wiring, but the internal software/firmware, communication type and protocol, etc.

If the wiring doesn't match, but they are connected and battery power is turned on, then since there is usually battery voltage on some wires and low voltage signals on others, damage often occurs to both display and controller.

The identical units can have different connectors, or same connector but different wiring, or all those the same but different firmware, and not be intercompatible.
Thanks for the info. I did contact hidoes and told them about my situation. They replied with a link to the exact replacement screen on their website.
I ordered that and I’m glad they replied before I cut the wires on the screen I need to send back to AliExpress.
I’m also thankful for the info you provided. I’m not much of an electrician but I can fix and make just about anything work. It would have been an awful expensive lesson to learn if I would’ve tried rigging the other screen to my bike before reading your reply.
As long as the new display was not wired differently than the original, then the Hidoes replacement should operate the controller (although whether the passcode is stored in the display or controller or both I don't know).

If it *was* wired differently, with battery voltage connecting to low voltage signals...then having connected it to the system and powering it up could have damaged the system and display.

Hopefully that display was just DOA, and possibly incompatible firmware, rather than wiring.
Thanks amberwolf. Idk what was wrong with the display I got from AliExpress but I returned it and got a refund for it. Also, my wife contacted the company who sells the bike I have and they sent a link for a replacement screen. I ordered one and when it came I plugged it in and viola, I have my bike back. From everything I have read, the display is where the passcode is stored and the way around that is to replace the screen with the same make and model, period.
I’m not certain that is the answer for every display but I thank whoever needs to be thanked for mine working that way.
And also, the display on my bike is color, well made and was half the price from the one from AliExpress. If anyone is interested, I’m posting the link to it in this reply. Here it is:
Hidoes B6 Electric Bike LCD Display Replacement (Hidoes B6 Electric Bike LCD Display Replacement)

Thanks again.