Key-switch on the Dirodi Rover’s


1 µW
Feb 24, 2024
Byron Bay
Hi - I have a Dirodi Rover (Australia). The dirodi has no security function - apart from removing the battery.
The controller is housed under the seat. I installed a key-switch by cutting the positive supply to the controller and inserting the switch into that line,

I used a switch I bought on Amazon. The switch has no current rating but the blurb said it was designed for a moped or scooter. There is limited space in the controller housing area A automobile switch won’t fit.

I measured the current drawn by the controller. It averages just over 1 amp (48v) but will spike to 3 amps or more when the bike accelerates.

I could not hear any arcing In the switch. I’m concerned that the switch doesn’t have sufficient rating for the purpose.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Your main issue won’t be the average or peak current, but the inrush current when you flip on the switch, that will fry the contacts over time. Search the forum on “inrush” to find some ways of dealing with that, both simple and sophisticated.
The rover appears to have a display on the handlebars. These almost always have two wires that have battery voltage on htem. If you install the switch in series with either one of them, rather than the main controller battery supply, it will prevent the controller from operating even if it's powered on, and there's only a few hundred mA at most (usually much less) on those lines, so no spark and no switch heating even with a tiny little switch. No worries about inrush, precharge, or anything else.