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Need help in connecting new throttle with mismatched wires.


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Jan 7, 2024
Need help in connecting new throttle with mismatched wires. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Old throttle Broke,so I ordered one from China!

Seven pin twist throttle,forward, reverse,fast and slow. brushless, controller 36 v, 350

Old throttle colors

Red, Blue, White

Olive, Gray

Yellow, Green

New throttle from China- 3 speed, forward and reverse 8 pin throttle

New throttle colors

Red, Green, Black

Brown, White and Blue

Yellow, Yellow

Colors on controller that have connectors are:

Blue, Yellow, Green- motor

Red, Black- Battery

Red, Orange, Black

Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Orange

Yellow/Green, Black

Pink, Black

Other wires W/O connectors:

Gray, Black, Purple, Black

Red, Black, Green

I tested all components and each passed and are in working order.

When I went to connect new throttle somehow I connected it correctly and it worked. Issue was the wires were too short. So I took it apart again, because I was going to extend the wires .

Here is we’re the Problem is: I did not mark what wire went where ?such as what goes to :





I attempt to connect and nothing is working. I don’t know what else to do. Frustrated due to I have mobility issue and I have not been able to do anything.

I have attached photos. Thank you again.


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Hi Nextonever,
And welcome to the forum! :)

In your case it appears that you don't have high voltage wiring going to the throttle. But with the harness from the controller disconnected, now would be a good time to verify that, with a multimeter taking voltage readings first. No battery positive voltage present is welcome.

As you've seen, wire colors mean next to nothing when it comes to wiring.
Unless the supplier gives specific wire color diagram or descriptions for controller and throttle, I'd recommend following the wires to their termination points.
Which your helpful posted pictures make possible... well done.

From your pictures and descriptions, this is what I can say for sure.

As always, the hall sensor for the throttle output requires 3 wires.
The reverse circuit looks like it uses 2.
And the speed change uses 2.
(The original 7 wires from the old throttle)

Let's look at these separately.


Looking at how the sensor is wired shows you which colors do what. Notice the direction of the top beveled head.

New throttle
Looks just like the picture above.
RED- 5vdc input.
BLACK- Battery negative or ground.
GREEN- Signal or output voltage.

Old throttle
The wiring terminations are covered. So knowing what you do now, take a look and write it down.

Reverse and Speed Circuits
Both have 2 wires.
One circuit was wired to a toggle switch.
The other circuit to a single contact switch. (RED button)

Now remembering which switch activated what, you can determine which color wires goes to which circuit...

New throttle

Single contact switch wires.
2 YELLOW wires.

Toggle switch.
Three wires available, use the middle one with just one of the outer ones. from the picture usure which is which...

Looking at the bare ended controller wires and speculating with what we know now. This is how I would look at them before verifying.

RED- 5vdc hall sensor voltage input.
BLACK- Battery negative or system ground.
GREEN- Hall sensor signal output

GRAY- Speed or Reverse signal.
BLACK- Battery negative or system ground.

Purple- Speed or Reverse signal.
BLACK- Battery negative or system ground.

As always, if you don't understand my descriptions, testing, or wiring suggestions. Please ask questions BEFORE wiring and trying.
More verification tips if needed can given.

Hope this helps to get you in the ballpark. I'd start with just the throttle hall sensor wiring to start with, then adding the other 2 circuits after you get it running. (unless it's obvious now)