Old Honda...small voltage reading when ignition switch is OFF?


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Jun 10, 2012
Western Canada
So I got my signal lights working on the old honda thanks to the kind advice of forum members here! (other thread on this forum). This is a great place to get electrical advice.

Now I've got another issue on the old bike.

I installed a regulator/rectifier 6v (brand new) over the weekend. The bike never had one stock and instead only had a rectifier. So I've full disconnected the AC power and it's full DC.

This was the wiring diagram that came with the regulator/rectifier.

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#1 I wired the battery+ to the battery positive
#2 I wired the ignition switch with a keyed power wire that I metered. (black wire on the factory ignition)
#3 I wired the GND with the battery minus
#4 I wired the power coil with the white stator wire
#5 I wired the power coil with the yellow stator wire

So...with all that done, when I meter the ignition switch with power ON, I'm getting 6.00v...but at the battery I'm getting 6.20 (battery was not fully charged from lots of testing). So I have a voltage drop of 0.20.

Question #1. Is the regulator/rectifier supposed to be dropping the voltage AFTER the battery?

As well, when I have the ignition switch OFF, the same ignition switch port that should be drawing zero is drawing 0.1-0.5v depending on the mood of the bike. As soon as I unplug the #2 ignition plug from the regulator/rectifier...the voltage draw on that ignition switch (with Key off) is back to zero.

Question #2. Is the regulator rectifier supposed to cause a small voltage reading at the ignition switch power when the key is off?

So...do I have something hooked up wrong? The black wire off the ignition switch appears to be 'key power'. IE, it's powered when the key is turned and not powered when it's not...correct?

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Any advice would be greatly apprecatied!