Phaserunner V1 issues - Maybe you can help?

Mar 29, 2016
When the original PR came out, I bought several of those units with the mechanical switch and the molded battery+motor wires.
I quickly discovered, that when you apply a regen phase current, the controller randomly will power-cycle itself, causing a short (but potentially very dangerous!) loss of torque. The probability of this power-cycle increases with the regen-power (and speed) so even less regen torque is needed to "trip" the unit, making it even more dangerous.
Grin said back then it is due to the latching circuit of the mechanical switch, but didn't provide with any workaround solution. I asked for a solution, but they didn't respond.
I can assume this is why they removed it in V2.
Still, I got stuck with several (and expensive!) controllers with a serious safety issue. (Unless I am willing to give up almost the entire regen potential)

Now that I have a shortage of V2 PR's and need to use some of those V1's with powerful DD motors, I am a bit sorry I didn't insist on asking to replace them with the newer V2 while they were still in warranty, and to offer Grin to pay a certain upgrade fee, although I believe that when an entire batch of controllers have the same issue, it can be considered a "recall" like with motorized vehicles, isn't it? I mean, E-bike is a vehicle too, and those V1 controllers were not in "beta" phase.

Perhaps one of you got stuck with those V1 units and found a workaround?
I wonder whether it's feasible to tear the epoxy at the right place so I can get access to the latching mechanism, and short it?
I tried also to add an external switch (through the hidden wires under the throttle) and leave it always in "short" state, but it won't help.