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Dec 27, 2006
Moncton NB, Canada
For Sale. v3.0 ( revised April 24, 2011 )

This is the " Used Items " section, basically, if you are a vendor with inventory, or you have something brand new and never used for sale.. this is not the place.

However, if you have something used, still good, dead, scratched, dusty leftovers from a past purchase .. etc... This is the place !

Do :
- Do describe in detail what you are selling
- Do describe in the SUBJECT LINE what you are selling instead of " For Sale " or " Stuff " ..
- Show any damage or scratches clearly..
- Do include Pictures if possible
- Specify if you offer support, or if you know nothing about the product..
- Do indicate your location < canada, usa, uk, etc.. > and are you willing to ship outside your country !?
- Price, with or without shipping

Do Not :
- Do NOT start multiple posts for the same item
- Do NOT cross post your stuff in other's posts for sale
- Do NOT use other peoples pictures for your items unless you have permission

You can edit your post when the item is sold with " SOLD " in the subject line...

Some members of the sphere are valued contributors and are allowed some slack when it comes to an occasional shamless plug outside the sales area, if you have earned the right to do this, it will pass quietly, if you are an offender the members will flag you and we will step in to deal with it.

Thread bumping, if you have not sold your item for a few days, and wish to update the thread, lower the price or something, add information about the item, throw in free shipping, but don't bump your own thread 10 times a day, it just pisses people off and is unfair to others..

Sale section etiquette, pls be courteous to other members, if you know of a better deal or do not agree with the sale price, do not shove links to similar products being sold by someone else in another member's post.. it's just not nice. If you suspect a scam pls FLAG the thread for moderation and it will be checked out... i know this is a tough one to call but put yourself in the seller's shoes and imagine how you would like it.
Not open for further replies.