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100 W
Feb 7, 2013
Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
Well the 76r is attractive at that price. Postage to australia?
Is there a drawing layout for the internals? I'm wondering about the width.
Is the Mxus option with a controller etc?

Sweet bike!

How many 18650 batteries will the frame hold?
And what will be maximum number of 18650 cells with adaptto max-e and charge coil inside frame as well?
the Q76R looks nice. congrates!
probably i will take this frame for my next bike(s) :)
i think about one for the streets with the DD leaf motor or mxus and another converted to a chain or belt drive with the motor attached underneath the swingarm. I hope with the use of 24" wheels there will be enough space left for a big block or transmag motor..

according to the newsletter: the biggest battery you offer is the 72V 20Ah, right?
what kind of cells this battery is made of (brand and type)?
Very nice, Qulbix makes top quality frames, I own a 165 and a 140. The designer of these frames also does all the welding and quality control and the frames are box framed and build quality is excellent. I can't remember anyone having any issues with these frames related to quality control.

This is also a great price. I'm tempted to purchase one for a commuter bike where I need to bring the bike on a public ferry boat and don't want to draw too much attention.

I assume the 76mm was chosen to fit 18650 cells.

If I could get over 2KW of battery in this bike I may consider it.
Need a drawing of the full internal battery compartment to see how many 18650 cells can fit inside.
madin88 said:
Offroader said:
Need a drawing of the full internal battery compartment to see how many 18650 cells can fit inside.

the drawing should be somewhere in one of the newsletters here:


I was thinking about fitting 200 Samsung 35e 18650 cells in one of these. I would probably need to go outside the frame opening.

20s10p of samsung 35e cells should give me.

Watt hours = 2,520 watt hours
Discharge current = 80 amps
Max discharge current = 105 amps
Weight = 21 pounds.

I figure I don't really go over 80 battery amps on my current bike so the Samsung 35e 3500MAH cells would be the best best for power/capacity/weight?

What do you think? I need to find out if 80 amps draw on the 35e setup would be as powerful as 80 amps draw on my current Lipo Turnigy 20c setup. Or should I assume that the samsung 35e cells wouldn't even output their rated power.

The big question is could I fit 200 of those cells inside the bike frame?
I'm probably going to order one of these frames. This fits perfect for a ultra thin/narrow bike for commuting purposes yet is built strong enough to act as a mini dirt bike. I believe narrow is the way to go for an electric bike and you can't beat 76mm, especially if you want the ebike to not stand out too much.

I'm probably going to order mine with a removable footpeg option and hopefully a small skid plate to be able to use it as a dirt bike in the woods and finally roll over fallen trees and give me lots of clearance.

The footpegs and skid plate will have to be removable to convert the bike over to pedals for commuting purposes when I need the bike to pass as a bicycle to take it on public transportation. I'm going to order it with both options also the bicycle seat and moto seat, although I only intend to use the bicycle seat if I have any trouble bringing the bike onto the public transportation I need to use to get the bike into Manhattan.

The picture below is what I want to be able to do with the bike.

Trying to do this with my current bike and bash guard attached to my bottom bracket unloosens the bottom bracket.
Qulbix said:
Here's another video on Q76R - to see how it rides (click on the gear icon to set the video in HD).


I like your bike a lot, very cool looking. Nice ride too, love how you overtook that car on the road.
Lurkin said:
Mines ordered and paid for. Anyone else taken the leap yet?

I'm in the process right now as I'm looking at some custom work done to the frame to maybe fit optional footpegs like the 140. This is really a great deal as the build quality is as good as any of the top frames out there right now. I really like the 76mm wide frame as that is as thin as the frame can get and still hold a lot of 18650 cells. This I believe is great for having a lot of battery power and range, but still passing off as a bicycle. I'm thinking at 76mm width, nobody is going to think it is anything but a bicycle.

Lurkin, what do you plan to build yours with? Battery type, motor type?

I'm thinking 240 18650 3500 MAH cells and a mxus 3000.
Motor: 1500w 5T Leafmotor
Controller: Sunwin cheapo slave to CA v3
Battery: Will be high capacity 18650. Just in the process of designing it at the moment. Will await the frame before buying anything to mock it up and make sure it fits. Will be trying to sneak the controller inside the frame and potentially the same with the cycle analyst to minimise visible wiring. Battery is likely to be modular so I can have a 'sprint' sized pack and add P when I want range. Haven't really gotten around to deciding how many cells/arrangement yet, might start ordering cell spacers so I can start making a mock up.

I have however, been wondering about the new mid drive offerings from Bafang....
Mines ordered and paid for.... so now the worst part, wait for the frame.....
Start designing things you want - battery, cycle analyst set up etc. etc. Its better than just waiting and will speed up the build when it arrives 8)
You´re right!! but I´m going to disassemble my old ebike (except front and rear fork) for most of the components, and the motor will be my 9C (in the future i hope getting a mxus 3000w), but likely i will need to open it in order to upgrade cables (thick) and mount the temperature sensor for the adaptto (3kw) :)
For the battery, I´ll reuse my lipos (3x 6s 8000mah, in serie) for the first tests, and then i plan buy cells for a 20s7p or 22s7p, but I will need limit the current in the adaptto to avoid burn my 9C....

That´s all in my mind so far :).
hello im new here, im thinking about ordering a 10kw q76r how does it compares to a stealh bomber?
the motor is a quanshun v2? how does it perform? and what about realibilty?
for the price it looks like a bargain
karmonkey said:
the motor is a quanshun v2? how does it perform? and what about realibilty?

the QS V2 (the one with 4T, 9kV) is known as Cromotor here in ES, so better use that name for further research..
karmonkey said:
hello im new here, im thinking about ordering a 10kw q76r how does it compares to a stealh bomber?
the motor is a quanshun v2? how does it perform? and what about realibilty?
for the price it looks like a bargain

If you just want a turnkey bike, just take the plunge. Ziva from Qulbix is responsive and helpful. Of course, no one has the Q76 yet so we can't speak to that product but if their Q140 product is indicative of the Q76, you'll be happy with it and I have no doubt their service will take care of any issues should they arise.

As to your question about the motor, the "QS 205 50H v2" is basically a Cromotor that is coming directly from the factory. It is a big bad beefy motor that can take lots of beating (heat) and keep on going. I think your only consideration should be whether you want such a big and powerful motor on a skinny and small bike. I, for one, DO want that and I will be putting a QS 205 on my Q76 frame.

I noticed you compared the Bomber to the Q76. A more appropriate comparison would be to the Flux Beta, though the Q76 has a battery compartment that is more flexibly for battery configurations.

If you want a turnkey, I think the Q76R is a great choice and would do it in a heartbeat. If you like the Flux Beta frame, forum member Hyena can build you a turnkey bike. I couldn't decide between the 2 frames so I am building both!

Good Luck and let us know what you decide.
karmonkey said:
hello im new here, im thinking about ordering a 10kw q76r how does it compares to a stealh bomber?
the motor is a quanshun v2? how does it perform? and what about realibilty?
for the price it looks like a bargain

In my opinion you can't beat this deal. First the Q76R with the thin width of just 76mm is amazing if you want an ebike that will pass more for a bicycle as it is so thin. Build quality vs the stealth bomber should be at least the same, both frames will hold up to repeated drops without any issues. Both are boxed framed construction and not tube framed.
Stealth bomber is wider at 125mm, which may stand out more as not a bicycle.
Both the Q76R 10KW and stealth bomber have the same battery capcity at ~1500 watts. If you want more battery capacity than 1500 watts Qulbix may be able to use higher capacity cells if you ask them. My Q76R will have 3000watts of battery capacity using 3500MAH cells.
The stealth bomber does have the Vboxx transmission which is nice and may give more clearance, but I can't comment as I have never used it and don't peddle anyway.

The Q76R 10KW built by Qulbix will be a beast of a bike as they use the QS205, rear motorcycle rim and tire, Max-E, This is easily much more powerful and robust than a stealth bomber which uses a bicycle tire and rim on the rear (which won't hold up to abuse), and a less powerful motor. The stealth bomber also doesn't use the Max-E controller which is kind of ridiculous as nothing compares to the Max-E.

For my purposes and the way I ride I need the motorcycle seat for comfort and off-road riding. When I land high jumps I also fall down on the seat hard and wouldn't want to do that with a bicycle seat. But I hardly ever peddle so a bicycle seat isn't needed. Stealth bomber was always out for me because it lacked a motorcycle seat option.

I'm ordering my Q76R with a footpeg option and maybe a small skid plate. This way I can get a lot more clearance offroading the bike, and be able to roll over logs.
Yes, these are the options or custom work I will have on my Q176R.

1) Removable Footpeg option, so I can mount foot pegs or pedals.
2) 10mm cut down head tube (on top only). I recommend this as the 150mm head tube may be too long for some forks to stay within their Max-Min lines (like the marzocchi 888 fork). Cutting 10mm from the top will make the head tube 140mm long, will not be noticable, will not affect any geometry. May not be needed if you are using the DNM USD-8 fork.

3) Mounting holes for a Max-E, this way they can weld on the threads so I can easily bolt and unbolt the max-E without having to take out the battery. Not really necessary as you may have to take out the battery anyway to unloosen the wires, depends on where you mount the controller.
4) Removable skid plate.

Ziva said they will design a skid plate for me and let me know the details next month. Obviously the skid plate will be used with the footpegs. I asked them to have it as light as possible but be strong enough to roll the bike over a log.

The reason I asked for this is because when using the footpegs the bottom bracket will take the hits on bottom out. I don't know if this will mess up the threads especially if I hit the edges of it so why not make a small bracket that protects everything and may make it easier to roll the bike over stuff.

Hits to the bottom bracket should probably be OK especially if you leave the bottom bracket screwed on.
Thanks for the tips Offroader. Let us know the progress of those outcomes over the next few days. Maybe some of those changes can be incorporated into mine before it is built in January.