Rad Power Bikes Spam and Uncomprehending "Customer Experience Specialist" reply


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Aug 17, 2009
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I rarely have this type of problem with companies, but this one deserves to be written about, because instead of simply removing me from their spam lists as requested, they replied with what amounts to gibberish having nothing to do with the problem. I hope their actual product support and sales personnel listen to their customers and potential customers a lot better than their "info" personnel did in this case.

I sent an email to Rad Power back in June to let them know they had a potential customer here on ES they might want to talk to and linked them to the thread. They replied and thanked me, and that was that (as it should be).

Then yesterday they sent me spam that indicated I'd been added to their marketing list.

I replied asking them to remove me from all of their lists, because I did not sign up for them, and they shouldn't have added me to them.

They replied telling me I should clear my cookies, indicating they either did not read my email, or could not comprehend it.

Since I doubt the people at the address I was communicating with them at will read or comprehend my reply to that, I sent it to all of the addresses I could find for their company (as well as the original address), in the hopes that *someone* can remove me from their lists, and deal with the issue of their other employee(s).

I've quoted each email in sequence below (any URLs have been broken by deleting random characters from them, and any names have been removed), and will post further communications if they are in the same vein, rather than a simple removal of me from their lists that I didn't sign up for.

On 12/20/18, Rad Power Bikes <info@radpowerbikes.com> wrote:
Have you been waiting to learn about all the specs and sizing of the 2019
bikes? Well, the wait is over, click to learn more!


2019 Specs and Sizing copy

Full tech specs and sizing are live!

Hi rad rider,

We are happy to unveil the 2019 lineup's full specs and sizing
) ! All 2019 models are expected to be available Jan 2019, but in the
meantime, click the image above or the links below to learn more!

- 2019 RadRover
- 2019 RadWagon
- 2019 RadMini
- 2019 RadMini Step-Thru
> )
- 2019 RadCity
- 2019 RadCity Step-Thru

Explore All 2019 Models

Ride Rad,

The Rad Customer Experience Team

Rad Power Bikes
622 NW Market St
nited States

You received this email because you are subscribed to Marketing Information from Rad Power Bikes

Update your email preferences
to choose the types of emails you receive.

Unsubscribe from all future emails

Me, Dec 20, 5:39 PM PST

Why are you spamming me?

I did not subscribe to any of your lists.. Please remove me from ALL of

I once passed on some info to you, but did not expect your company to be one of the horrible ones that automatically adds anyone that contacts them to their spam lists.

I'll make sure to pass on this behavior to anyone I discuss your company with.

On 12/21/18, ces (Rad Power Bikes) <info@radpowerbikes.com> wrote:
##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Your request (98031) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to
this email.

ces, Dec 21, 8:58 AM PST

Hey Michael,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry that you're feeling overwhelmed by our

You can lessen or stop seeing our (or any other ads targeted for you) by
clearing your cache of cookies on your browser. Do beware clearing your
cookies will also likely delete any passwords for websites you have saved on
your browser.

You can learn more about that and how to do it by searching for "how to
clear cookies on my browser" with Google or another internet search engine
of your choice.

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any questions.


Customer Experience Specialist
Rad Power Bikes

Note: The below email is being sent to all email addresses I could find for your company, since your "Customer Experience Specialist" that replied either did not read my original email, or cannot comprehend it's very simple request.

Since I don't know which, if any, of your other personnel will be able to deal with the original request, and that of retraining your "Customer Experience Specialists" in reading comprehension skills, I sent it to all of you.

If you need it, my original email is below this person's reply, and the spam you sent me that triggered it is below that.


To "Customer Experience Specialist ces":

Did you even read my email?

Which quotes the spam email you sent me?

Because you added me to your spam list?

Which I did not voluntarily join?

It has NOTHING AT ALL to do with "google", cookies, or anything else at my end, or the world wide web.

It is YOUR PROBLEM that YOU must fix on YOUR servers and YOUR emailing programs and lists.

I'll spell this out step by step to help you:

I sent your company an email titled "Potential Customer For You" on June 18th to let you know you had a potential customer (not me) on the Endless Sphere forum, and linked you to them. If you like I can send you a copy of the email itself (and the reply), but it shouldn't be necessary just to get you to remove me from all of your spam lists.

Your company (specifically ..) replied on June 18th thanking me.

That was the entire extent of communications, and was all that was intended.

Then on December 20th, you sent me spam titled "2019 Full Specs and Sizing Live Now! " whcih indicated in it's content that I was on a mailing list that I could unsubscribe from.

I did not subscribe to any mailing lists.

You had no reason (or right) to send me that spam.

Now you reply with information that shows you either did not read my email to you, or you cannot comprehend it's very simple request.

(Either of which is inexcusable for a "Customer Experience Specialist". I also work in customer service, and it wouldn't be tolerated where I work--a guest whose request or question was completely ignored, and then was told to go home and do something completely unrelated would rightly walk right out, and rightly ensure anyone else they know never came to us for anything).

All I would like you to do is, as the original email to you states, is to remove me from ALL of your lists.

If this is not possible for you, personally, then you must forward this to the department or person that CAN do that, and ensure it is completed.
Mike from Rad Power Bikes here... Very sorry for your experience, looks like there was a misunderstanding on our part. I spoke with the CX specialist on this case and it looks like he thought you were upset regarding ads that you were seeing, not an email you had received. To prevent further unwanted emails, you can unsubscribe from our email list by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any of our emails (we went ahead and removed you to save some time). Apologies again for the confusion, again, we have removed you from our list.
I appreciate the response.

I do think you need to re-educate at least that person in how to read and comprehend emails, because my original email was quite clear, and I cannot imagine a way that it could be construed to mean what you say he thought it meant.

If he has problems comprehending as clear a request and email as mine, I can't imagine the confusion and problems that must ensue during the contacts with the many people that are less clear in their communications.

However...regarding unsubscribing: there is no need for me to unsubscribe, because I did not subscribe.

I was added by your company to mailing lists without my request or permission.

I"d guess that you do that to anyone that contacts you, whether they want it or not.

So it's up to you, your company, to remove me, and anyone else that hasn't actually asked to be spammed.

I thank you for doing that, but you shouldn't add people to the spam lists in the first place, and especially you shouldn't then ask them to unsubscribe themselves, after you've subscribed them unwillingly.
If you want to see junk emails? Come look at my computer :(

Simple solution to end all junk emails. Find the people who send them. Cut their heads off and put the heads on mile markers posts on the thruway.

Try this. I use Mozilla Thunderbird with Windows 7. See list of junk emails? Highlight top one. Hold shift button and click at bottom of list of spam. Delete em all at once. Or Shift and End to highlight all to the bottom of list. I do this every morning.

About once a year I empty the trash bin. Never figured out how to delete 1000s at once? If I highlight them all [Ctrl + A] the computer jams up when I try to delete. I just delete the top one and put a weight on the delete button. Then go do something else for about a hour while all the emails get deleted.

Also about once a year I use the Archive button to clean out the real emails in the inbox and sent folders.

Don't be like Hillary. She hired computer people who used BleachBit to delete the whole server.

For backups I use Cobian Backup Backup the whole hard drive to 2 External Hard Drives and store them in two different places.
@amberwolf I checked with our marketing team and our records show your email subscribed to our list a few days prior to the email going out, regarding the 2019 Lineup Specs and Sizing.

Subscribers are only added to the list through sign-up, not through inbound emails to our tech or CX teams. We are very careful in the way folks are added to our email list, to avoid events just like this one + adhere to all laws and best practices country by country we operate in. It is not in our best interest to add anyone to our email list unknowingly and it is not our practice.

I think our CX team member was confused by your opening message about being spammed (instead thinking you were talking online ads (hence clear your cookies)). You are a smart guy and I am not calling your statements into question but this one is a head scratcher... so I will have the team dig into this more in case there is something else we are missing that can help us improve. We did inform our CX managers and supervisor about this to help best inform everyone customer facing.

Be well and sorry again for the frustration!
I did NOT sign up for ANY lists, on your site or anyone else's.

Your "marketing team" is full of bullpuckey.

You need to check with your computer maintenance people to see who actually did do it, and let them know that behavior is unacceptable.

I do not subscribe to ANY marketing lists, at all. If accessing a site requires signing up for such a list, I will not visit that site, or ever do business with anyone involved with it.

So whoever added me to your lists did so without access to my actual email--they just had my address from somewhere.

Personally I suspect the "ebike event" from a couple of years back, who took the addresses and info of everyone that attended or signed up to attend, or even inquired about it, and sold or gave that info to ebike companies (and others) for spamming purposes, without asking the owners of that info for permission to do so, and continue to do so even after they have been told not to.

Anyway: this thread has nothing to do with the general spam problem.

THis thread is specifically about the problem of this company's customer service rep(s) being unable to comprehend an extremely simple request.

And it is about the same company's unethical practice of adding people to their spamming lists without either being requested to do so, or asking those people if they want to be spammed.