Recommendations sought for a quality pre-built battery pack


100 mW
Jun 6, 2014
San Mateo, CA. San Francisco Bay Area
Hey guys,

I have a stokemonkey conversion and my old LIFePO4 battery back bit the dust after 13 years. Can't complain. I/m not inclined on building one, so looking to buy a replacement, possibly a downtube model as I was just carrying mine in a bag under the top-tube. Since LIPO seems not that prevalent, I figure I will go with Lithium Ion.

Any suggestions for good shops to go with? I'm in the US and inclined to go with GRIN but also want to be a wise shopper and check a couple of honest alternatives just to make sure prices are in line. But honestly, unless they are drastically undercutting I'll stick with GRIN. Oh, and I am NOT interested in getting some "looks to be good to be true" knock-off from a less-than-reputable company.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!