Retirement Time


Did they do anything about the blockage? If so, I guess it was kind of good to end up at the hospital, but maybe it could've been a less painful injurious way.... :/
Now there’s a new fire east/north east from here. An OV 20 circling overhead, two pairs of water dropping SV 2s, and a UH60 helicopter buzzing overhead. US Department of Forestry getting busy. Looks like rugged terrain north of State Route 74.
Hot and windy, surprisingly no fire watches issued. Might leave the irrigation system on for another week or so. Roses are looking kind of lanky. Can’t really trim them right now to force another bloom before the cooler weather moves in.:confused:
Shut down the irrigation after the rain for awhile. Lawn looks better than ever. Roses are a little lanky from not being snipped. Not looking forward to leaf season, maybe won’t be too bad since we cut the tree in the spring.
Some aerial action over Portrero Reserve east of CA79. No mention of a fire on the Forest Service website.

Edit: Must have been a drill or exercise because now the three aircraft have evaporated into thin air.
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Highland Fire at 70% containment. The two other fires in NorCali are at 90% and 95% today as they’re getting some showers.
Plug-in electric lawnmower ground to a halt. Smelled like hot brakes so I think that it’s done. Unfortunately I bought it from Sears over six years ago so no support. Will run for about 50 feet then slows down and stops.
So I got a Kobalt through Lowe’s. Putting it together to finish up the front before the leaves drop from the ash tree.
Set the clocks back last night :rolleyes: by mistake so I don’t know the day or the time until tomorrow.
The Kobalt cuts lower, picks up better with about the same power. The only drawback is the grass catcher is smaller so it fills up fast, but it’s lighter so a little bit easier to empty. Filled up the large green can to the top.
Frost on the lawn at 10:00pm, time to turn off the irrigation. The lawn is going dormant and soon the leaves will begin to cover the yard.
Daughter is back in the UK and working so we Face Time nearly every day.
While making salsa last night, my wife cut up a jalapeño pepper. Suddenly we could not breathe because of burning in our lungs as she set the plate with the pepper on it on the table next to me where I was preparing some garlic.
Followed by intense coughing spasms and copious discharge from eyes and nose. Blew my nose several times and my ears popped and opened up my hearing which had been stuffy for a few days following a sinus infection.
Both of us could not stop coughing for several minutes. I had to stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the night. Still coughing when I woke up this morning.
Some kind of natural pepper gas surprise when she opened up that jalapeño. At least the salsa came out delicious and Oliver didn’t seem to be affected.
Just now an OV10 Bronco spotter plane followed by two S210 tankers and a Blackhawk and the Sheriffs helicopters are swooping on a fire E of San Jacinto in the foothills near Soboba.
Tankers refilling at Ryan Field and helicopter at a nearby golf course lake and Little Lake a mile from here.
Forest Service website shows aircraft but no incident report yet.
Wind currently blowing towards Soboba Casino.
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