** SOLD ** - TSDZ2B motor with Eco-Ebike mods - almost new/low miles - $300


100 mW
Aug 28, 2019
TSDZ2B - purchased 12/2022 from Eco-Ebike.com (this is one of two TSDZ2's I am selling here)

For sale is an almost new TSDZ2 motors and some related parts. I am the original owner, this was installed on my recumbent trike.
Shipping is CONUS only. Price does not include shipping cost. If you want the motor I will research a shipping cost to you at that time.

Paypal or Venmo accepted.

TSDZ2B with OSF version: OSF v.20.1C-4.1 motor + 860c display - 48 volt
includes: motor with Eco-ebike cooling mod, stock 110bcd spider adapter and stock 42T chainring + guard.
PEEK pressfit gears installed by Eco-ebike
860C display
1T4 cable
Speed sensor
Bottom bracket retaining ring and screws
Power connector is Anderson Power poles
No other cables or hardware included

Motor is in full working order, only about 60 miles on it.

No other hardware, crank arms, cables, etc are included in this sale.

You should plan to add 2X brake sensor cables, and crank arms and pedals

Why am I selling? After putting a lot of miles on my trike with TSDZ2 motors I decided I prefer the Bafang system. Also maintenance of parts is easier: my wife has a BBS02 trike, I have an 'off road' trike with a BBSHD. My 'road trike' will go back to a BBS02.

The TSDZ2 is a fine system and I thought the 2nd TSDZ2B system might be better, but really it turns out it is no different in 'ride feel' as my original motor. I've tuned my Bafangs quite well and like riding them.

My loss is your gain, give this motor a nice home. Let me know if you have any questions.


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I want to put a tsdz2b on a Bacchetta Giro 20 2 wheel recumbent. What else would I need besides a battery and mount? Maybe feel faster on a 2 wheel bike? Ship to 40503.
I would add the brake sensor cables (2x), crank arms/pedals to this installation. That should be it. Shipping $25