Votol EM-200 Controller

Votol EM200 and EM300 are either defective right out the box or fail after a few days. The EM300 is the most powerful controller I tried so far (more power than MOBIPUS). It worked for 48 hours.
Interesting, i’ve been trying to get an em-300 for a while. Please describe more details!

-What is the failure mode? Blown mosfets or something else?
-Where did you buy the em-300?
-Which motor did you run the em-300 with?
-Did you get warranty replacement?
- is there a program with english language for the controller?
No replacement, they're out of production. The first one never worked, the second one worked great for 24 hours then failed at startup, one day after losing connectivity with the computer. Bought it from the QS taobao shop in China, got my money back. Forget Votol, at least for now. I will report on a 95KW peak controller soon, the 南京远去 961800. 1800 phase amp, should be fun.
No. It's 南京远去. I have a APT 72800 awaiting test, its a third of the power and trice the size.
南京 Nanjing (Capital City of the South) 远 far 去go. I've seen it translated as ''Nanjing Far Drive''. They use the Bombardier logo. Be assured, the staff working on the controller design got their sh!t together better than those in the marketing department.
Hi all, i'm new to this forum, it's been great reading through many of the threads! I have ordered the EM-200 and the QS 138 90H 4000w motor for a dirt bike project. QS say the controller wont be ready until Sept/Oct time...

I'm just figuring out the wiring diagram for the EM-200, and had a question on pins 10 & 12.
Pin 10 is "12V input/main contactor (red)" - Is this connected to the 12V side of the DC/DC converter and only goes live once the converter gets power?
Pin 12 is "main contactor switch (isolated)(orange)" - I'm not sure of the purpose of this wire. Does this close the main contactor after precharge is complete or is it simply taking nominal voltage (72V in my case) when contactor is closed?

If you can't tell already, I took on the project to learn about electronics.... :lol: sorry for the rookie questions!

Thanks in advance. I should hopefully have a wiring diagram sorted soon!
Hello all,

I am having some issues getting my Votol EM-200 controller working as it should. Has any experienced any issues getting the regen working? I have a DC/DC converter feeding the high brake (purple wire) with 12v via a brake lever microswitch and nothing. Am I missing something? Also it doesn't want to swap modes, the sport mode works (grey wire to earth) but low med and high mode swap will not (brown wire to earth).

Do you have the same ground for the 12v and the controller?
I dont know anything about the em 200, but the 150sp has common ground. So the sensor ground is the same as HV-
So if your 12v converter is not isolated it should work, if it is isolated you have to connect 12v ground to controller ground.

Thanks for the reply. Yes it's the same, the sensor ground and the HV ground are also common. It is grounded through the controller. Are there any specific selections that have to be made in the software? I thought it would already be enabled and ready to go but maybe not?
I have read the 100/150 thread to death. I have been looking for a long time whilst waiting for my motor and controller to be made and shipped. I heard the the EM-200 had some issues but as I understood they are all sorted now, I hope I don't have a faulty one.
I will just have to keep playing and hope I don't do any damage, if not I will just have to leave it in high setting and have no regen.

Thank you for your help :bigthumb: /159
JJ848 said:
I heard the the EM-200 had some issues but as I understood they are all sorted now, I hope I don't have a faulty one.

How did you learn em-200 issues are sorted out? Have only seen trouble so far on this controller.
torque increases with the airgap diameter squared, it's also proportional to pole count so it increases even further on the hub motor
Power= torque*rpm/9.55
either it's torque or speed that creates the power, you choose.

Is there a setting for Torque or Speed mode?
I love the controller, but you are correct it still has issues.

Very powerful for the price, I'm running a QS138 90H at 275 battery amps in sport mode and it is an absolute beast!!

I have never been able to get regen working and even swapping modes from low med high dosent seem to work.
I just use high and sport so just like having two modes.
Apart from the above I have been more than happy with the performace. Let's just hope it lasts!!
JJ848 said:
Very powerful for the price, I'm running a QS138 90H at 275 battery amps in sport mode and it is an absolute beast!!

EM-150 handles 300bA with no problem, so... How about phase amps?

BTW I like your build.
Is the em 200 a 30 fet controller?
I am thinking if the em 150 can do 500pA reliable, I guess the em 200 would do about 625 then..
If it is 36 fet, about 750pA?

That is if it is the same mosfets, and somewhat equal load on the fets.
The em 300 still seems unavalible.

I saw a picture of the internals on alibaba I think, but it was obviously not the same controller on the outside picture as the inside picture. I think it might be a em 150 internals, and it was only 24 fets.
larsb said:
if you only want 40mph top speed then the 3000W motor is enough for most applications, if you gear 1:8 you'll have up to 450-500Nm at the rear wheel
Goodness, that's enough to twist the swingarm like a wet floor cloth.
Make sure to send pictures of the aftermath!
So its November now, I assume everybody got their EM200's? How are y'all liking them? Any bugs? Gotten a realistic output test yet?
Hi I need help (em200 settings with qs138)
I have a qs 138 mid drive motor paired with a em150sp, it ran for about 5 seconds and stopped, after 5 months of talking to Carrie from qs and her just sending me wiring diagrams saying have I wired it correctly I had the motor checked over by a motor rewiring company, he found it had a phase wire touching the casing inside and repaired it. The motor controller no longer works all Carrie has offered to do is give me a discount on a new em150sp $264 shipped!
I managed to get a em200 cheaper so thought it would be a good upgrade but it won’t turn the motor? It does a half turn and stops. I have been told it is incompatible with the motor but I have seen some of you have had success with it.
Do you have the settings I could try or is it truly incompatible or is my motor still faulty.