Your Whours for kms

I rarely ride over 20mph continiously. Usually around 15mph continious with some occasional sprints on 25mph. If the road is flat without headwind and good i might cruise at 20-22mph.
Cruiser: 9-10wh per kilometre
Velomobile: 10-12wh per kilometre.

Usual figures. Sometimes i let it rip a bit if i can burn electrons without range anxiety.
Cruiser consumes really lot if i keep 25mph constantly. Something like 3Ah per 10km.
New to ebikes, and I could use some help figuring out usage.

Is it possible to figure watt hours from start and end voltage?

On my 19.7 mile commute to work, the starting voltage of my 12S 6.6A pack was 49.2V. Arrived at work and the pack measured 45.4V. The controller is set to 20A. Is that enough info to make a calculation, or do I need a watt meter?
BBSHD on a 14S9P Lithium cobalt made of old laptop 18650 that heat up like hell.
Bike : 700C wheels, 46T chainring, 14T rear gear, tyres to 70 PSI, bike weight (with motor kit and battery) 67 lbs, me 155 lbs

Did 17 km with 524 Whr averaging 28 km/h (lot of wind in my face because riding on the border of saint-laurent river)

So that's 31 Whs/km on a BBSHD
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I don't know what to say. I have no idea how you came up with those wild theories. Imagination working overtime?

He missed that your more than half the power to get to 20 was coming from your legs and thought you were going light on the throttle during acceleration.
My long term average riding in a fun manner at vehicular speeds to match or slightly exceed traffic has been just over 40wh/km. 5 years ago or more I ran significantly higher consumption due to a much higher % of hard launches. Though the novelty of an amusement park ride for pennies a ride and no lines hasn't worn off, I've mellowed somewhat and take it easy much of the time. Just don't pull up next to me or worse, in front of me, with some smoke and noise belting beast, as you will be taught a lesson about how much better electrics are.
:lol: "John in CR" you only upset them. I don't do this anymore but my slow Nissan Leaf will leave any street ICE car or truck at the stop light and up to the speed limit. Used to do it to those that would act like they had something hot. It's really hard on my narrow tires. My mother drives the car more than me now and the average W/KM is going up so driving habits affect what ever you drive.

My trike averages 9-15 w/km, 20-40 kph, this is with a lot of peddling for my health but with pas. One of my rides is 70km on a paved bike trail twists and turns and small hills. 1. mostly pas used 500 watts for the 70km. 2. used pas but would throttle up hills and did not worry about saving watts used 1000 watts for the 70km.
How about highest instantaneous ( at any moment) Wh/mi you have seen? I have seen over 800Wh/ mile.

Average about 50 Wh/mi. 85 lb bike 175 lb rider.
I will take my trike out and run it under power only to see the worst it can be. I only go 28mph/45kph tops so will not be that bad.
It will be good info for me anyway, how far can I go without a chain.
With my setup in grinn's motor's simulator 216 w/km and my motor would over heat just over a minute on a 20% grade.
flat ground it says 16.5w/km @ 51.7 kph but my trike will go 53 kph. so I will test it some time. Now if I could find a head wind :lol:
I get about 30wh/km @50km/h or 31mile/h

Running at 50km/h or 31mile/h, it uses about 1500-1600 watts. 72v 26.1AH battery, Sabvoton 72100, and some qs205 copy motor. Bikes ~130 pounds and I'm about 135.
Highracer recumbent with 26" wheels with a mxus xf07 geared hub, kt36 15a controller used to consume between 5-10wh/km measured out of wall. Heavily dependent from pedaling intensity due to low legal e-assist speed.
Everyday riding consumption: 2 Whr/km
Touring consumption: 5 Whr/km
The above touring consumption gets me on average 180 miles with 5000 feet of climbing per day, averaging between 30 and 38 mph. This is pedaling a Katanga WAW with a 36 volt Bafang BBS01b mid drive assist.
Calculated 34 wh/km with no chain, casual cruising speed, one small lazy hill, one ped overpass, mtb riding position.
375lbs + 2 batteries + Leaf 1500W 5T, I should have gotten a higher Turn Count motor.
52V x 14.5Ah = 754Wh went 23km (14.3mi.) = 32wh/km 52wh/mi.
Seems like a lot, will have to redo the ride and be sure the battery charged to full to 58.8V

Link says I should have used 9Ah, 425Wh and 19wh/km @ 35kph and 5kph head wind. But it was a windy day.

On said ride I saw a few ebikes, all store bought ebikes. BionX with that large funky hub, it was rear, male rider with step thru frame.
He had to pedal to get power *insert thumbs down emoji here*

The other two were cruisers with small rear hubs, so they might have been IGH but they were going a little to fast for normal pedal power.
Own Stealth style build.
Sabvoton 96120,
5p22s Liitokala 26650 pack, charged to 4.1v per cell.
QS273 motor in 19" rim with 2.50 tyre.
Total weight in the 185 kg area :oops:
Fun riding around 70kph (all throttle, no pedaling).
Around 110amps on acceleration.
Motor, controller and battery pack stay cold.
Average 23.6 WH/KM. I have seen 18WH/KM (wind in right direction) and 31 WH/KM (wind in wrong direction).

But, I don't really care, it is all about the fun :D .
Milan GT Mk2 velomobile, MXUS 3005 RC, two 20s batteries, Phaserunner v1:

Real world numbers from the CAv3 at 8°C on open country roads from city to city with light traffic:
-at ø61,8km/h it consumed 0.996kWh/100km (130km distance, max 1.5kW, respecting speed limits, max 93.1km/h)
switching batteries, racing back:
-at ø68.3km/h it consumed 1.32kWh/100km (120km distance, max 2.5kW, not respecting speed limits, max 98.3km/h)

Overall: 249.8km distance, ø63.7km/h average, consumption 2,878Wh, or 11.5Wh/km (about 1,767 MPGe)

Wind direction doesn't matter in a velomobile (front wind hardly slows, rear wind doesn't push). It does sail in crosswinds, though.

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-at ø68.3km/h it consumed 13.2kWh/100km (120km distance, max 2.5kW, not respecting speed limits, max 98.3km/h)
That seems off by a decimal place.
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Previous iteration of my custom KMX-based velomobile build(currently apart for more upgrades):

ASI BAC4000 at 10kW and 200A phase current
20s6p Molicel P42A pack, 1.7 kWh, charged to 4.2v per cell.
Leafbike 1500W 3T motor in 16" DOT rim with Mitas MC2 2.25" tyre.
Total weight 41 kg, ready to ride but without me or tools/food/water in it; laden weight is about 100 kg
I haven't topped it out on 72V. At 46.8V, it would do 72-80 km/h depending upon state of charge and weather. Acceleration at 46.8V/200A from 0-30 mph is faster than most cars. I drag-raced a V6 Dodge Charger at a stop light and it didn't catch up and overtake me until about 30-35 mph.
Never had any issues with the current motor, controller, or battery overheating using XT150 connectors. When I used a Phaserunner at 3kW peak and 96A phase current, I did have overheating issues with the XT60 connector.
Average 5 Wh/km @ 50 km/h when I set the assist to 250W max. At this speed I have seen 4Wh/km (wind in right direction) and 20 Wh/km (body shell removed).
If I increase the speed, range goes down tremendously. I get about 10 Wh/km at 70 km/h when I set the assist to 750W max.
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