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40T, neodymium magnets, plasti dip cycle test

Being critical, for conductive’s sake :mrgreen: I’m a bit afraid the thin copper strip will get under the positive side protection. I’d rather the copper cover the whole cell. And maybe with slightly embossed circles. Could make a 3d printed press. But then again it’s got the dip holding things.
the fillet is a curved edge where the cell sits


this is the 0.5mm step up, follow the line to the left and youll see the different elevations


if you take the conductive adhesive off the slug tape it would probably be to fragile at 0.025mm thick

the 7.5mm magnets hold the 0.1mm copper just fine and if you went 26650 or 21700 you can use 10mm ring magnets because the positive is larger diameter than the 8mm diameter of 18650 cells
indigo instruments

they werent that expensive when i talked with them but he said shortages were starting and the prices were going to skyrocket so i bought 1001 magnets @0.12cents :lol: :lol: :lol: