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Another Delta Trike with a BBS02 Crank Drive


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Apr 8, 2007
Eugene, Oregon USA
Since this thread was created I have purchased two Sun X3-AX delta trikes and given away the two mentioned in the next paragraph.

About a month ago I decided it was time to reduce my trike inventory. So I decided to keep my Performer Tadpole and Sun EZ3-SX. That meant getting rid of the two TerraTrikes with the DIY mid-drives. Decided not to sell them as electrics because I didn't want to become someone elses electric trike maintenance guy, already have several that depend on me, plus I didn't figure I could get much extra for DIY stuff and old batteries. So on the way to do this, I was looking at trikes on Craigs List in order to make a recommendation to a friend and I stumbled onto this one. It's a Sun X3-AX, basically similar to the Sun EZ3-SX, but with about a dozen upgrades. So then I had 5 trikes.

At this point two trikes are sold, and I've got the NuVincis, 9Cs, and freewheel cranks posted in the For Sale thread, so it's all working out.

Edit: It's a good thing I'm really enjoying this trike. Much nicer ride than the EZ3-SX, which I seldom rode, and I use it for most of my short rides under 3 miles because it's still not as comfortable as the Performer tadpole. But today (May 30, 2017) I discovered the non drive side rear axle is bent a little. Can't see the rear wheels when riding, but thought something was wrong with the disk brake on the right side. When I checked it I thought the disk was warped and noted that wheel seemed to need truing, but on further checking found it was a slightly bent axle just outboard of the outer bearing. A new axle is about $50 so having paid $500 for a like new trike that currently sells for over $2000 is still okay. These axles are only about 5/8" diameter so not real strong. Probably a heavy rider hit a bad pot hole or something, but I'll never know. :)

Edit: The NuVincis and 9C motors have been sold also.
the links below are for the old mid drive builds that used the NuVincis and 9C motors


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Wondering how your Trike is doing or if your still riding?
Still riding my performer, it has not change much. Had some changes wanting to do. Sorta like it as is, has been a good trike.