Chinese Electric Sportbike Wiring with Pics

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Mar 20, 2022
Trying to figure out the wiring on a Chinese Electric Sportbike in the front of the bike where the headlight fairing covers. Two pics below show wires that I'm not sure where to connect.

1) First one comes off of the ignition and is a single black wire with white strip.

2) Second, a single wire with a female connector, red, coming off of the section that comes from the right side handlebar buttons for bike on/off/headlights/horn (left handlebar buttons for flash to pass/blinkers/highbeams/horn has a red wire with a male connector). Any help appreciated, very hard to find info on the wiring for these Sportbikes :
ignition wiring single wire where does it go.jpgignition wiring single wire where.jpg
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So for the second pic in original post above I found out wire is not coming off of the brake levers and I've updated the og post to reflect that.

The wires, one female connector red wire (from handlebar buttons for bike on/off/horn/headlights), and one male connector red/yellow stripe (from left handlebar side buttons for flash to pass/horn/blinkers/high and low beams). Each side also has wires on connectors that are connected but where do these single wires connect to? Do they connect together?
Accessory wires where to go l r handlebars headlights blinkers.jpgon off  for bike and headlights and horn.jpgleft side flash to pass highbeams and blinkers and horn.jpg
To answer my own questions for information sake, the single wires from the handlebar accessory controls are supposed to be connected together and are for the headlights.
Re the ignition switch wire, probably the keyswitch is closing two lines in case you want to switch 2 circuits. You can check easily with a beep test.