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Converting Hammacher Schlemmer cheapo trike


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Jul 9, 2013
Ummm.. Started out in Victoria BC Canada, then sta
Target of Ebiker lust seen here:

A "The Three Wheel Recumbent Cruiser".


Have on hand now borken trike w/front-wheel hubbie. Controller, 48V Li batt and case, CA V.3, etc., etc. (EG might be able to use metal pedals plus leather foot straps. Dunno about height of pedals re spurs.)

Hammacher Schlemmer is a name I would trust (I suspect/trust) those "sneaky" Germans).
William Schlemmer, whose name will come to be associated with a landmark New York City store and America's longest-running catalog, is born on April 20, 1841 in the Westphalia region of Germany.

So, right now, on that site, Price $399.95 (I suspect US, not Beaver Bucks, but not THAT much diff these daze). Plus wattEVer.

So... Possible conversion for some half-dead old crazy mad white guy/ebiker? ("Look Ma! No chains!") And sandles optional of course (at riders optional small added expense).

Tks all!

PS. Plus too new Ebiker rebel flag, of course.
BTW... Colour orange of course. There is a long history (or herstory?) of supporting the Dutch in my family. See per Wickid-pee-dia (sp?):
The call to arms by Bro. Sir Samuel Hughes, the Canadian Minister for War and member of LOL 557 Lindsay Ontario, resulted in some 80,000 members from Canada volunteering for service during the First World War.

And AFAIK, the Dutch today support ebikers.

I've seen these up close and wondered the same thing, and so did this member: Subject: What is your dream ebike?

Poor man's TriVette?
HA HA! (Note to self: Fab body using honey comb aka "card board" plus carbon etc.) ES thread "What is your dream ebike?" perhaps an "oldy but a goodie".

TKS Gogogo!
Also note to self: Must add hole forward, plus step for mast, to carry foresail/plus battened main sail. Spinny fwd. perhaps too "over the top". Also need trailer hitch, for rickshaw.
Ohhh. Seen in that ES thread "Watt is your dream ebike?"
Postby catamount » Mon May 26, 2008 11:28 pm
I'm amazed there aren't more products on the market for assisted hill climbing.

Like, as in uphill race winning?
Note to self: Already have two yummy-ish Grin "Cycle Lumenators" on my handy-dandy wish list. Did plan to mount them port/starboard (left and right) on front "basket" (black "Brooklyn" combo/"integrated", from those crazy Quebecois et Quebecoise a "TOBA").

But it seems to me I could mount fwd looking "front lights" on the back two wheel fenders, etc.

Setlle for some smaller wheels and you can have it for $70 less.


So where's the $400 Tadpole?
WATT??? "Settle"? For smaller wheels? While the rest of the world is going to "29er" wheels??? So remind me again pls. Advantages of smaller diameter wheels are? (Other than cheaper, I mean.) And I was thinking big "fatty" tires for sand/snow/etc. Silly me!
There are advantages to smaller wheels. Less rolling resistance, etc. I did say settle because I think the bigger wheels are kewler, too. Can this thing handle the fatties?
Hey Magic Man/Master D! Yah, it's been many years since I've tried a big "fatty"... But that ass-ide, at a guess, may need new wheels (rubbers fer sure, but lets not go there). Trike fenders and supports might need some flattening/adjusts also, at least for the two aft? Maybe fwd. wheel also.
One might call this ebike "power-assist" to the max:

They're actually in my present "home town" (sort of). I just fired off an email asking how much $$$, but only for the vert. wind genny and panels, ie NOT including any batts and trailer (wanna charge a bank of stationery batts, plus mount vert. wind genny atop (yet to be "installed") upright old/used/tall-ish elect pole.
Dauntless said:
So where's the $400 Tadpole?
You might turn the seat around backwards and relace the pedal-powered wheel with a hub motor. 8)
Or put dual rear hub motors on it with a wheelie bar and a drag chute, keeping the front pedals just to distract the cops. :twisted:
BTW... One pros and cons, two front wheels vs two back wheels on a trike, on PDF seen here:

On the negs re two wheels fwd., one "negative"":
"• Braking is compromised by a single front wheel which must provide the majority of braking for the vehicle.

My only experience is with a two wheeled forward design, with brakes both on the forward wheel plus one of the back two wheels. Seems to work OK for any "fast" stops?
Sooo... I'm about to pull the trigger on that Hammacher thingee...

send them $502.84 in US dollars (including delivery to Toronto), but on March 29 I emailed Gary (of Golden Motors, our local "Magic Pie" guy/wizard) to ask "... which has a "front flywheel mechanism connected directly to the pedals" per that page. So, any chance any flavour of the Magic Pie would work?"

I suspect some here on the Alt. Reality planet ES will suggest EVen other alt. approaches to elecrify that thingee, but being a lazy guy, and a fan of the K.I.S.S. approach, it seems to me a hubbie on that front wheel should work?

... but so far, no reply yet from G (he is a busy guy, I know!)

So, any thoughts from any denisons of the not-too-deep here? Re mounting some flavour of MP to that front wheel please?
Hey L0ck! This one is a bit cheaper.
Thanks Doc! (OK, that other Doc.) Maybe surplus made by the same factory that makes `em for HS? (Sure looks like a similar, VERY similar "product. But per that seller "We don't ship to APO. FPO. PO BOX or Non US address. " :cry:

And I'm sorta feeling more comfy dealing with that German guy. And "peace of mind" maybe usually does cost a bit more. (Must sell more ebikes. "Hey sailor? Wanna buy my ebike?")
BTW... In another ES thread:

... I just posted a pic of my new orange HS recumbent trike. `Been learning how back wheels steering performs. I really just wanted the frame/three wheels to modify (extensively).

So mad old half-dead ebiker rebel has been rolling so far totally motor/bettery free.

"Old school", one might say.

On one recent trip, did "fly a hull" (back right wheel lifted off the sidewalk going downhill), which multihull sailors live for, but was a bit unnerving on shore.

Also, front wheel, I can make spin myself via pedals, eg on up hills/grass.

Solution? Add more weight over front wheel via hub motor AND Li bettery resting in "Toba Brooklyn Handlebar and Basket - Black". Currently no longer available, but looks something like:

(Have bought also "Blackburn EX 1 Expedition Rack":)

... to install over front wheel to support weight of Li pack and Toba basket. Handlebars give mounting for two Cycle Lumenators, one CA (Ver.3), sound signaling devices (not sure when last one heard an approaching bell operated by rope cord), and front steering wheel (connected via ropes to back steering).

Also gotta add back trailer connect for rickshaw-sized two-wheeled 500lb max. "cart".

Any thing you can do with this and your new trike?

Hehe. Doc, "to modify (extensively)".

So, long list.
Front wheel hub motor (weight).
Front wheel rack w/combo handlebars/basket (weight).
Twin Cycle Lumenators (front lighting, not much weight).
Instrumentation (Cycle Analyst V.3, not much weight).
One/two sound signaling devices.
Replace seat w/pendulum (cord balanced/counter weighted etc) hung seat with arm rests, plus one/two drink holders. (Seat remains more level when trike leans sideways.)
Trailer hitch (re trailer, 500lb loaded rickshaw, etc.)
"Velomobile" style aero enclosure.
"Thin film" solar panels.
Small sail to take advantage of cross/tail winds.
Anchoring device to grab/anchor ground.
2nd hand brake (On one/two back wheels, in addition to front wheel brake.)
120V electrical outlets.
Desk for use of laptops.
Back fenders light reflectors.
(Phew. Gotta take a break. Worn out yet? Hehe.)
Add to the list, one bamboo pole (or poles) lashed/attached to frame athwartship fwd of the two back wheels. Long enough to extend past turning wheels, to act as "skids" to counter tendency for vehicle to heel over. Too much.

(Translation for landlubbers? See above, but also trike lifting one rear wheel off pavements, so light-weight sacrifice "wood" stuck out left/right "sideways". Must also add plastic streamers/flags, etc. to help fend off attacking plus for more SUV/visibility. Fold up/down snow slids also, "Skidoo" style)

EDIT: Hot teapot heater (Electric, of course.)
"One/two sound signaling devices."
Pic of horn ("sound signaling device", under local laws) to mount:

Squeeze bulb trumpet maybe for front handlebars. (Somewhere.)
Do do... EVer laced a hub motor from a 22" to a smaller 20" front wheel? Looked lately for thick spokes, sorta REALLY short in length for a kinda heavy, kinda really large diameter electric "hub" motor?
Anyway. In the pic, one ebiker plays with rope. To be laced through metal eyes. In a circle. Think ladies corset (But no cetaceans involved here). The "rope"?

AmSteel Blue is a torque free 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size for size, is the same strength as steel yet it floats. AmSteel Blue outlasts wire 3:1, making it an excellent wire rope replacement. It has extremely low stretch and superior flex fatigue and wear resistance. Samthane coating enhances that already high abrasion and cut resistance.

Applications: Competition Grade Running Rigging, Kite/Wakeboard/Water ski Lines, Trawl and Bridle Lines, Wire Replacement, Non Jacketed High Performance Tug Lines, Climbing and Rigging Accessories, Pulling and Stringing Lines, Winch Lines, Low Stretch Support Lines (Wire Replacement), Horizontal Lifelines, Logging Wire Replacement Ropes, General Working Lines, Rig Tow Lines.

... and play metal "screw eyes" (zinc plated... steel?), w/"safe "working" load: 50lbs." (EACH.) But screws for wood. Bought nuts enough for 2 per screw eye.

`Been itching to try my new hacksaw. Then inside rim, Mister Tuffy maybe to the rescue re sawed off stuff/screw eye bolts and nuts and tire tube.

Ah, adventures of an ebiker wannabe... (note bloodied left elbow.)

Having fun learning how fast vehicle can go. (Trip to the beach daily to garden in advance for up hill race thingee nearby after party - has a short, steep hill at top, what I can get up to lots of speeds, however vehicle at this point still lacks directional stability.

Steering wobbles something fierce, and on that attempt had to share road w/"SUV" -truck-sized car operated by driver headed north.

On first attempt. (Note too, first attempt at steering dampener AKA "shot cord knotted/installed" around frame and steering... mechanisms. Levers I guess they are. Gotta get front steering wheel organized.)

Had a thought to organize a soap box race for kids this summer, on July 12 (same day as nearby uphill race).

Anyway. I'm there most daze now. If anybuddy happens to be passing the neighbourhood, and knows some crazy old half-dead guy, rides an odd contraption, and one or more flags should be near by too. I have removed many bags of mostly dandylions/weeds/twigs, with many more bags still to remove.

I've named this patch of lookout grass "Ebikers Park" (just a working title. The neighbourhood can label this "park" wattEVer they like, but appears un-named so far. "Ebikers Echo Beach" anybuddy?)

Missing? Lots of stuff still yet. EG seems the land has good breezes and zero electric service/plugins, so need to add a windmill-like device to store generated energy in large (heavy) stationery batteries (some thirsty ebikers - their bikes - will need to plug in). "Savonius" already mentioned elsewhere on Alt. Planet of ES.

Another thing that's missing? Something like this:

... to ride up/down to get to the beach beach.
Interesting to see "the completion" (and watt IT costs):