DALY BMS Teardown & Failure Review (16S 40A)

So that Power Supply

* Had no DC output caps
* Had no AC input caps
* Had no fan

I demonstrated the whole deal... of figuring out what the output caps had to be, ordering them, testing without them, testing with them.

Figuring out the AC caps, how to build your own array from garbage, how to swap in new/not matching part numbers.

Figuring out how to modify the case for the new, much cheaper fan

... all this
So I could have a tool. It has the GPIB card, but I took it out and put it on my bench for another day.


Wife decided she knows better than me how my day should be spent.

This is my progress on the boating front. I have been on boats and solar.


A hundred hours to produce this


I know I'm much better way now.
* On top pull the cable tight
* Squish on a new cable stop

The entire time all it was was a stretched cable! The original cables didn't stretch but they would corrode. People swap them with aftermarket cables that did not corrode, but would stretch!

If anyone wants to go out and to open water in that boat I will take you


So why is methods showing you forum posts from
* DIY Solar
* The Hull Truth


Because for BMS, both of these are equally important!

* BMS must be waterproof
* BMS must be reliable
* BMS no catch fire
* .....

BMS for many things other than bike. Battery for many applications other than Bank.

* We want the standardize across all industries
* The primary limiter is greed!

Not greed of those selling, but greed of those buying. It's the people who want to save $7, not test, then give positive feedback and good review in hopes that they get free stuff or cheap stuff.

Those people are not friends of the revolution... In fact they are our enemies.

Luna bike?
Yep, I have full review ready.


Now I shower and start the day. This is a long fight that takes decades.

First Tear of SPF 5000 ES on 120 split phase going in.


I already changed my firmware setting to allow done to 90 volt input

methods said:
This is a long fight that takes decades.

And like everything else that gets "fixed" will be reversed quickly after the fight is won. :(
* made the most sketch video!
* Compressing and uploading

So the unit has a pass-through mode that just feeds whatever is on the inlet to the outlet. If you give it 120 then it puts out 60 volts on the split phase.

If you then switch over to battery you get your 240 with 120 on the split

* It has a high efficiency pass through
* It does not always convert AC to DC to AC

It would actually be cool if it did... And we can get it to do that

I use this tool to compress all my videos right on the phone, usually set to small.

This makes upload to YouTube go really really fast, like almost instant.


GroWatt is becoming friend of revolution, like Meanwell. I have proven this new feature!

* Works as 120V battery charger
* Up to 1kw here, 2kw easy
* The limit will be your AC breakers!!!!!

... Almost done compressing

1gig down to 12M
Hell yea

And it's already up on YouTube

It'll be low resolution until YouTube propagates the high definition.
Video Compressor
You can get high resolution out of it, but my library is like 70 TB so I'm trying to compress.



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Make Coffee


Thinking about the fact that AC is an afterthought for the input of this thing... And it's true purpose in life is to convert high voltage DC.


Which is of course what makes it so damn interesting right? Where else do you find a box that will convert an arbitrary 150V - 420V to either AC or LVDC for you???

After a mishap, I triggered my old age. Always had better than perfect vision, now I can't see s*** - lol

These are very cheap at Costco
With them I can read very easily in my anxiety goes down


So it sure looks like the first setting of SOL will cause us to run the inverter off the battery until the battery goes low.

* So pass through only when the battery is dead

This should give us 240 output for our test eh? I'm pretty sure you can choose to have 120 AC charging the battery while having the battery produced 240 AC

And that will be our magic for the day.

* Convert 120AC to 240AC

It's a useful thing to do eh?

That's what we were on before and that's what I usually default to

Now trying sbu
Throwing Error10 :: the output power is in derating, which is perfect. We expect this for 120 volt AC input
I went through a bunch of permutations and I couldn't find a way to spit out 240 at the same time I am bringing in 120.

It's very easy to bring in 120, charge the battery, then spit out 240

Enough fooling around experimenting. What we're supposed to be doing here is running a test.

Starting now
* Second 20A charge blown open by heat gun

Here's the perfect example where you need this BMS to protect you. In the video below I have a battery that is intentionally out of balance. You can see that we are banging off of hvc, and presently it is working.

Hypothetically our balance taps trying to equalize that imbalance.....

As you can see in this picture I'm running various counterfeit sb50s. Here they call them SJ50A and no-name.

* Some housings are shiny
* Some housings are dull

What you care about is whether they are high temperature plastic

* Some contacts are shiny
* Some contacts are dull

All of the original Anderson connectors look Dusty White, their magic was that they self-cleaned when you plug them in


If you are buying these things off Amazon Prime, in batches of like 10, with 8awg terminals - then we are in the same boat.

Battery State