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Direct-drive 3220 setup with a 3-Speed Hub...

DudleyDawson said:
LI-ghtcycle said:
but I'm still trying to understand the need for the second freewheel, is it just to eliminate driving the motor too when pedaling?

If so, wouldn't something Matt has on his drives allow you to freewheel at the motor too?

I think that the second freewheel is to eliminate the need for adding freewheeling cranks.

With the way the NuVinci is set-up, the need for a second freewheel really isn't for the pedals, I have one with a fixed 27T sprocket and freewheel both on the right side, thus using the NuVinci's gearing, and the motor can turn with the freewheel allowing the cranks to be stationary just like if you are coasting down a hill and choosing not to pedal.

However, when I do pedal, the fixed 27T has to turn too, and it in my case will turn the motor as well, this is something I am willing to live with to keep the potential weakness of a failure of a freewheel or other similar device on the motor end just for simplicity and practicality's sake. :)
My Nuvinci setup will be very similar, except that I'm now going to use one of Matt's drives as a first stage reduction. Its output has a freewheel, that drives the Nuvinci sprocket, except instead of a 27T, the one I got from Staton has 36T. In any case, pedaling will move the motor chain, but not the motor.

-- Gary
I am thinking to replace my standard hub with internal gear hub when changing the secondary drive from chain to belt. I got the belt sprockets from Tommy. The Astro 3220 is from Matt and it is 4 turn WYE / kV 175

The large sprocket has the mounting for standard disc brake but i believe i could install it on the drive side and use gears for the astro drive.

I have read several threads and think Shimano Nexus 3 should be fine. Or SRAM dual drive...

Any thoughts on this please? Many thanks in advance.


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