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E-bike + carbon frame + 52V. 18650 + BMC motor

I see that this bike is more for road use, but you think that the bike could angle off road in Serras de Valongo without overheathing in the climbs?
Me and a friend of mine in other electric bike in the weekend will ride in valongo, but we can meet you at canelas if you want to go for ride...or you can join us in valongo :D
For everyone understand...

I have a specialized pitch pro with a bpm rear hub at 48v and 30A. Fidel did my battery, probably you know him from nova energia forum.

My friend has my former bike, a focus hardtail with a bbs02 500w 36v battery.

Yes...you have to go slow :)

I also own a enduro motorcycle ( i am a traitor) a ajp200...maybe thats closer in power to your build, but a reunion of electrics will be more fun
Hello crew,

Still some things to tune. The bike is fast and have a lot of power.
I need to tune the chain, and for that I buy a chain-breaker, a specific one...
I need to install a speed sensor pic-up for the cycle-analyst...the old one, do not need that. :x :(
I need to plug-in the temperature sensor on the mxus motor, and the cycle-analyst. Do not now how... :(
And need to fine tune the cycle-analyst...regen, power, ...



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Hy luis

Have used the bike?
Let us know your ridind impressions. ..did you put it offroad yet ?
18 months of hard graft and you're selling it already?
Does that mean there's another one being planned? :D
Beautiful bike Luis, you are very meticulous in the way you do things. How many recharges you think you will get on those LiPo packs?
Luis, that gentleman in Hungary is getting a VERY nice bike. Looking forward to seeing your next project take shape. Good luck with your move.
stuffc said:
good work man. How do you get the disc brakes to fit w the mxus 3k ??

Just looking at the pic and blowing it up, it looks like he has at least one silver colored spacer in there to achieve that 1 mm of clearance. Could be just the lighting.

Could be individual washers too.
That's one of the tidiest, best looking LiPo enclosures that I've seen on an e-bike. When the batteries finally go bad, what do you plan on replacing them with?

The Samsung 25R and 30Q seem to be quite popular nowadays. I use 30Q cells and they work great.

Hello crew,

Long time no see...

I change home, and I have a nice place for workshop.
I live in a nice area to ride an ebike, but do not have one. :cry:
The problem of the powerful hub motors, is the big weight. You lose the bike feeling. And that's a no go for me.
I'm going with another project, for the next decade... :lol: :lol:
I already buy the motor and controller. I buy a BMC, with gears, and the controller from HPC. Its going to be 3.600watts. Thats plenty. Still waiting to arrive.
I go with a carbon fiber frame. Never have one.
Batteries, maybe continue with the lipo route or try 18650. More incline for the cylindrical ones.

Take care,
Luís Costa.


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Great to ear from you.
Hope to see updates.

Enviado do meu ONEPLUS A5010 através do Tapatalk

Hey Luis, so glad to see a new post from you. Cool new shop space, looks like a great place to tinker and create. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the build goes together, and like the idea of the BMC at 3.6 kW. This'll be fun. Cheers from N. California.
Hi guys,

Fidel, obrigado.
Vortecks, thanks. I follow your YouTube channel.
Wolfeman, great to ear from you again. I Want to believe HPC do some kind of upgrade to the motors... I don't read much about the motor, but i believe it's a nice and not so heavy hub motor. It have a temperature sensor ? If not, I try to install one. We will see, if I cook the motor on the first ride :lol: :lol: Jokes aside, if I can push continuous 2000/2500 watts, I be happy ...
Cheers from Portugal.