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E-bike + carbon frame + 52V. 18650 + BMC motor

Hi guys,

Not doing much...
Installing solar power in house, wen its ready I will post some pics.
Finishing some wood project for my wife.
And, putting some screws on the bike... :roll:



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Hello crew,

Bought a 52v 17amp battery from em3ev, waiting for that.
Some metal for my torque arms arrive today.
Already have some tools to work with metal like a metal saw and solder machine...

Take care,


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Good morning Luis, love the steel and the welders, very tidy. Hope things are good over there, too much wildfire smoke over here.
Hello crew,

Wolfeman, in here, every year we deal with fires... big ones, including now. Big wildfire in Algarve region, in the south of the country.

I bought the welders for another job... its nice to have them now, and the metal saw.

Still waiting for my battery. This time its plug-and-play. I do not want to build a battery box and assemble a battery... i bought a Jumbo battery from em3ev. 52v 17amp.

Take care.
Hi guys,

Today arrived a very important part. Do not want to build one... a box, wires...all the mess.
Its plug-and-play.



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Cool, yes very aware of them, lots more problems recently than in the past, some speculation that maybe Paul sold out.

But did not know he sold complete bikes
I vote yes, under the downtube. You could temporarily mount it there with zip ties and see how you like it.
99t4 said:
I vote yes, under the downtube. You could temporarily mount it there with zip ties and see how you like it.

Luis doesn't use zip ties..... 8)

I vote for under the downtube, but maybe in a small ventilated enclosure that smooths out the lines a little and helps hide some of the wiring.
The bike is looking great Luis :bigthumb:
Wolfeman said:
99t4 said:
I vote yes, under the downtube. You could temporarily mount it there with zip ties and see how you like it.

Luis doesn't use zip ties..... 8)
Not even (key word) temporarily? For testing/experimenting/mock-up purposes?

Anyway, Luis, now you have two votos for under the downtube mounting.
Hello crew,

99t4, off course I use zip ties... :mrgreen: you just dont see it...
Down tube it is.
Now, Lets see if I can use a 3d printer for make some atachment points for the controller. Its a carbon frame, I do not want to fuc....it.

Im also doing some droings for my torque plates. I think I will use a company to cut the steel. A company like "big blue saw ".

Take care,
Hello Luis,

you might want to have a look at my controller mounts I did a while ago for my old 12 FET EB306 Controller:

OpenSCAD files are included for modification. If questions arise, let me know.

BTW: For torque plates 3D printing works good as well. Do your prototyp in 1:1 scale and print it in PLA.
If finished simply export to DXF and let them be cut by some company that either does water or laser cutting.

Best regards,

not problem ! You are welcome ! :thumb:
Use what matches your needs ! :wink:
Just to remind that rivnuts in the seat tube to not let them interfere with the seat post insertion. :wink:
Hello crew,

Long time... this baby its unfinish in my garage...
Lets try to change that.
Start some drawings on my torque plates. This carbon frame is not the ideal for this. Not mutch to grabe.
Paint the motor, do not like gray.

More to come...


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