EBikeling PAS Jerky and Overpowered


100 W
Jan 21, 2020
SW900 Display. Finally got the PAS to work when installing the EBikeling-specific PAS sensor. However, it's a lot less smooth than a KT Display/Controller. Ironically the throttle on the EBikeling controller/display is a lot smoother and the PAS rougher. Guess that's just how it is with square-ware technology, can't have everything.

With the KT(LCD3) display, you can tune the amps and assist level a few different ways to more or less get the watts you need for each level. I like something around 150, 250, 400, 500, 850 for PAS 1-5. I was able to get that with KT after messing around with it a few times. I cannot get anything close to that with the SW900 PAS.

PAS 1 is fairly normal, it ranges from 100-300 watts depending on how steep the hill you are climbing is; when it's flat the power assist goes to 0W. PAS 2 suddenly jumps up to 750W and is at least twice as powerful as PAS 1. Unless you are on steep pavement it's not even practical for a 500W nominal hub motor; it will start burning through the battery faster and I really don't need more than 300-400W on pavement and maybe 500W offroad on steep hills. So I can't even use PAS 2 in most conditions, pretty dumb. PAS 3 looks like the same wattage as 2 but I can feel an additional (and impractical) power surge through the hub motor.

P07 Speed Measuring Magnet --- The manual told me to put this at 1 / 100 for geared hub motors.

P11 PAS Sensitivity --- Ranges from 1-24, I've changed this to 1, 24, and settled on 4 basically to give up on it; there is more of a lag starting up when it's at 24, but otherwise it's the same wattage when it actually starts and I don't notice any other difference in smoothness on startup. It's slow then jerky every time, even in PAS 1. The KT was smooth and consistent (as in 1/4 turn of the pedals) starting up in PAS 1 or 2, every time.

P12 PAS Start Strength --- 0-5 Range, tried 0, 2, 4, no difference.

P14 Current Limiting of Controller --- I have this at 15A (x48V) and it goes up to 15A (700+W) in only PAS 2. Rendering PAS 3, 4, 5 redundant.

I'll live with this until a mid-drive kit comes from China in the mail, but I have to say if you are normally doing PAS riding on a hub drive, the KT is clearly superior. What I'll probably do is PAS 1 only and then throttle when I need more power with this SW900 display. The thing that blows me away is that PAS start strength is now set at 0 / 5 and the watts are still high on just PAS 2 of 5. Not the greatest tuning on this controller.
I'm going thru a CA3, most of my pas riding is 75w - 300w. Have had it up 500w on the open road. The rest of the time the throttle is used for higher power. Think that most controllers do not offer enough control over pas and yes most are jerky.
Dreaded SW900 display on the ebikeling controller. Speedometer didn't work with geared motors. Crude PAS operation. Has any of that ever been fixed? I'm running two of their geared motors on KT controllers.