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HELP (Sorry it's so hackneyed)!


100 kW
Jul 19, 2014
I purchased a cruiser with a front hub motor (Amp "silver", 36V, DD, 22 Amp Controller), and need help. The controller has a plethora of wires other than those for the on/off switch & potentiometer; three hall sensors & five others for the motor; and power & ground for the battery. Can I check the functionality of the system by just connecting the ones listed and taping off the others? Thanks.

Other wires are likely e-brake, lights, self-learn, PAS, and whatever.
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Here's a tester that belongs in your toolbox they arranged you later from five dollars to $100 but they're basically the same damn tester. It's nice if they have instructions in English if not I'll send you a copy.

Thanks to both of you. I purchased a cruiser with a dead battery and therefore the motor and controller condition was unknown. I wanted the cruiser and the cost was low enough that if everything else was trash, it was worth it. I'm getting bored and need a project.