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Help with rewiring throttle to controller

Apr 2, 2024
Largo Florida
Hello I have a error code 08 on my display and the old throttle was a keyed on/ off twist throttle that has 5 wires red black green yellow blue . I'm trying to troubleshoot this with a 3 wire twist that has black green red. Can someone please help? I don't know if this matters but this bike is a dual motor 1000 watt planetary hub set-up. The rear motor is throttle/ pass and the front is throttle only. The blue wire in the 5 color feed reads full battery power when system is on. I checked my controller hall sensor wires and they are all operational as well as the hall sensor wires in the motor, everything checks with my controller. Motor test box but I still have no throttle and the 08 error code. Any help will be appreciated


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Shouldn't have any problems after reading this...

Guide to Hall Sensor Throttle operation, testing, and modification. - Electricbike.com Ebike Forum


I wired the throttle to the exact diagram and still my display has error code 08 I'm puzzled because my test box shows all controller hall sensors are good and the throttle to but I get nothing! Any way I have a entire new kit coming tomorrow evening and hopefully I will be back running! What part of Illinois are you from??? I grew up in McHenry/ Crystal lake area
What does your manual say that error code 08 means? If you could tell us that (since we don't know what controller or display you have we can't look it up), then we might better be able to help you troubleshoot the system.

It would also be helpful if you let us know if this problem was always present from brand new, or if it happened after some specific incident, action, etc, and what that was.