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Hit an animal last night!

Currently my count is:

3 Rabbits
1 Skunk
1 Armadillo
1 Turkey Vulture
1 Turkey
1 misc small bird
2 Deer

All on motorcycles.

The rabbits are no real problem, hit two with the rear wheel and one with the front all at pretty good rates of speed.
The skunk was thankfully a glancing blow. He more or less hit a foot and foot peg.
The armadillo was a solid thunk for sure. I came up out of the seat on that one and had some speed wobble for a bit. I was going at a good clip and pretty much pulverized him but stayed upright myself.
A batch of the big fat nasty vultures were feasting on a road side snack. I startled them and they took flight. One narrowly missed my wind screen and head as I ducked. The other solidly hit my rear top case which gave the bike a small wiggle. All of this was at ~50mph.
Turkey was one of a flock crossing the road as I crested a hill on a back road in the early morning. Stood on the brakes but still struck one. Unbalanced the bike as I hit under full braking, I should have eased off the brake. I tipped the bike over but it was slow slightly controlled dump on the left side with a very ungraceful dismount. No injuries and only a couple scratches on the bike.
The misc. small bird decided to end his life on my helmet. This folks is why you wear a full face helmet at all time. No injury but some cleanup was needed.
Deer one was a non event. I saw her friend cross in front of me. Knowing there was probably more I slowed greatly. When she popped out of the tree line at the road side I was almost at a stop but it was to late. She came at a timid but not completely slow clip toward me, jumped slightly and clipped my front wheel. I was a bit off balance but got a foot down and caught it.

Deer two was a different story. That one hit me full speed, in mid jump from the low ditch beside the road, dead in the side of my bike. Her head went behind my back with her chest hitting the back of my right leg and the body of the motorcycle. The force sent me into the oncoming lane off the road and into the opposite ditch. I tried to ride it out but was pretty stunned and ended up lightly dumping the bike and sliding 20 or so feet. I was a bit bruised and sore but otherwise uninjured. The bike was a bit beat up but reparable. The deer was dead at the roadside behind me. One of the foot pegs punctured her chest and her neck was at a pretty odd angle. I think the head must have caught the top case as there was plenty of fur and it was ripped off the bike although that could have happened when the bike went down. She appeared to have spun across the road once or twice after impact.

I do not recommend hitting deer.

I ride 10,000+ miles a year and frequently do long distance rides. One of the rabbits, the turkey vulture, the skunk, and the armadillo were all on long rides/tours. The minor deer strike was in the middle of an Ironbutt ride. I was about 400 miles in to the ride but went ahead and finished the remaining 800 miles about 13 hours later.
Here's a deer hit in nearby Sausalito very close to the Golden Gate Bridge. I secretly think the deer was lying in wait for him.

Another reason for wearing a helmet. :wink:
http://road.cc/content/news/154387-buzzard-attacks-cyclist-northern-ireland :shock:
While most cyclists will have been chased by a dog at least once, few can claim to have been attacked by a buzzard.
However, that is exactly what happened to James Curry, of Banbridge Cycling Club, when, cycling near Banbridge, Northern Ireland, last week, a buzzard landed on his helmet and dug its talons in.
It is believed the bird, who has also apparently attacked another cyclist twice, is simply protecting its chicks, which have hatched late this year.
Curry told the Dromore Leader "I was just cycling down the road and this big bird slapped me on the back of the head."
“It was massive. I didn’t expect it to be honest. It used my helmet as a landing spot and ripped into it.
“Then I shouted at it and thankfully it flew off, although its wing hit me on the shoulder as it did.”
He said: “If I wasn’t wearing a helmet, I could have been badly hurt.
“The bird is huge. It has quite a small body but its wings are as big as your arms and its beak is massive.”
Steven Lindsay, of Dromore Cycling Club, has been warned off by the bird on two consecutive mornings.
He told the Dromore Leader: "On the first morning, I was hit at the top of the rise after turning onto the Drumneath Road off the Castlewellan Road."
"The next morning I was cycling along the Drumneath Road before the Quarry Road junction when I received a blow to the head again.
"I’ve been chased by dogs and abused by motorists but I never thought I’d be attacked by a bird."
The raptors, which can live for 25 years, weigh between 0.4-1.4kg, with razor sharp claws, so can cause significant damage if they dive and attack.
Eimear Rooney, from the NI Raptor Study Group, has warned cyclists to stay away for the next fortnight. “This pair has nested quite late and so the chicks have just hatched,” she explained.
“At the minute, the female is staying near the nest to protect the chicks but that will stop after the next two weeks. The chicks will be old enough to stay on their own and the mother will be away hunting.”
Rooney pointed out it is illegal to disturb birds of prey during nesting season and has urged locals not to take matters into their own hands, but call Northern Ireland's Environment Agency on 028 9056 9605 with concerns.
Buzzard attacks are rare but not unprecedented. In 2013 one cyclist was attacked three times in two days by a buzzard in Scotland, which was also aiming for the head. A local wildlife ranger at the time believed "they have a thing for cyclists".
In the mid-2000s a repeat offender in Devonattacked cyclists on a number of occasions, causing puncture wounds to riders' heads. CTC Devon dedicated a page to the "Mad Buzzard".
In Australia it's the magpies cyclists have to watch out for. It's estimated 90% of men and 72% of women in Australia have been attacked by an Aussie magpie. 
Not an actual hit.... but was flying down a deserted dark bike path straightaway, heard crunching sounds keeping a constant bearing as they got closer ( thats the sound of collision course in fog for the non boaters)... suddenly there was nothing but big and brown filling my headlight as a deer went airborne over the path and the fence next to it. 2 foot closer and it would have been hooves to the head time.
A rabbit decided to try to make it across the trail in front of me tonight in the state park. He bolted at the very last second and lost the race...nothing I could do, even at 15 mph. I turned around and made sure he died a quick death.

What types of animals have you guys had encounters with on your ebikes?
I see rabbits and deer all the time. I have had a number of near misses with rabbits. They run straight away from me in the middle of the road and beg to be run over. I finally figured out that if I just stay directly behind them and close in on them they will dive to the left or right out of the way at the VERY last moment. It seems to be their one trick and they are insistent about using that one trick. Moving to the left or right of them makes them think you are trying to "herd" them and they are prone to move back directly in front if they can. I worry that sooner or later I will encounter a dumb rabbit and it will dodge too late. I don't think that will be too bad on the trike, but on my daily exercise bike, a Trek Valencia+, I think it could hurt us both.

I almost see more deer than rabbits. A typical morning ride in the spring or fall will net 8-10 deer in 9 miles. They are the tiny little Coues whitetails in southern Arizona. I was once raced by a 14 point buck -- I saw him near the road and rode past him. He must have run along beside and behind me for 300 yards and then as I turned he pulled ahead and dove into a wash. From where I sat it was as though he appeared next to me out of nowhere. He had to be running along next to me and just behind for quite a while and I never heard him. I did encounter him in my driveway once and for a moment I thought he wanted to argue the right-of-way. Then he recovered his sanity and jumped the fence on the property line and watched me from the other side until I went by. Then he jumped back in and went back to eating my shrubs.

The deer all know me and pretty much ignore me. I have passed within arms length of grazing deer on a number of occasions. The only time I have to be careful with the deer is when the fawns are really small. Their mothers will sometimes jump the barbed wire fences near the road and the fawns can't make it. If I see a doe and fawn near a fence, I will slow down and move away from them to keep the doe from going over the fence. The last thing I want to do before first light is stop and try to untangle a frantic fawn from a barbed wire fence.

I saw what I thought was one of the neighborhood dogs, a heavy-set Shepard looking thing, and was racing him -- and winning too. When I finally got really close, I realized in the pre-dawn gloom that I had been chasing a very large male Javelina who was pretty freaked and VERY angry. REALLY glad I didn't catch him, I was on my Terratrike Cruiser and we would have been pretty much nose to nose if he had turned to fight.
Your rabbits must be moderately smarter than this one. Usually they will run a few feet way out in front of me, then duck to the side and safety of the grass. This one was in the grass and I couldn't see him coming, or vice versa. As I was passing, he decided to start and bolted from the grass trying to run between the front and rear wheels.
One racoon, a few dogs, one bird that I've hit with my shoulder. None died as far as I know.

I don't want to think about hitting a deer, for we ride the trails very fast and a friend died hitting one with a MX 15 yrs ago.
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I had a pigeon in and under my front wheel last week !
One of those grubby city street scavengers, not a smart clean country bird !
Lots of feathers and noise, but no sign of a body after, so I guess it was a happy ending ?
I had a snake dart across and got all wrapped up in the front wheel spokes. It was pretty slow unwinding itself but did limp away
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@Striider: Would you like me to merge this thread with the other thread on the same topic?

Sure, you can merge it, thanks.
http://patch.com/illinois/glenview/bicyclist-hospitalized-after-hitting-goose-0 :(
One person was hospitalized Wednesday morning after a bicyclist hit a goose near Lehigh and Thistle in Glenview.
The incident involved two cyclists at 6:22 a.m., according to Glenview Police Sgt. Robert Francois. The first hit the goose and the second hit the first person who went down.
Police titled the incident an “ambulance assist” and no report was made.

That's not a goose on the police patch, I'd rather hit a goose than an eagle. :oops:
Ah, this one counts. I haven't been so active lately because of minor disabilites, but tonight I'm thinking I'm ready so tonight I went running. It was like a mugging --- Wish I could say 'You should see the OTHER GUY,' but in fact I"m sure that damn cat just ran off and forgot the whole thing. I think I saw a shadow in the dark, then something wrapped up my right ankle. Whatever it was vanished, so it wasn't inanimate.

I wasn't running that fast. That thing must've known Judo and threw me. Maybe no clean break, but I probably have at least a fracture in the left arm. The right isn't doing well either. So why was there enough force left for me to whack my left cheekbone? If the left arm would have just come up I'm sure I'd be much better right now, but I had a shoulder injury a few years ago and it doesn't respond so well. When I was 15 I flew off a bike at 40mph and fared better than this. If fact the fall itself should have been nothing compared to things from my past, but I guess being out of shape makes all the difference. l can lay my hand at the keyboard and it'll type, but I can't really move the arm around.

In the morning it'll either be a lot better, or a lot worse. . . .

For me, pain is weakness ENTERING the body! I can drive around the neighborhood, but when will I be able to go anywhere again?

Dang, that can't have been just a cat. I've heard Ninja's can turn into animals. Perhaps they've joined the Obama cabal trying to destroy America. . . .