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Magic Pie 5 with Vector controller manual


10 mW
Feb 28, 2017
I apologize if this has been posted here before, I have tried searching the site, and could find nothing.

I have been searching for a Magic Pie 5 Owners and Instruction manual. I received no instructions, specifications or documentation when I purchased mine. Furthermore, I've been unable to locate any on the net.

The website I purchased from has a section filled with all sorts of quaint, and to various degrees helpful information, even a section with a User Guide for Magic Pie 4/5 Smart Pie 4/5, but it isn't. It is only a User Guide for the Magic Pie 4/Smart Pie 4.

I know, Caveat Emptor, but how difficult can it be to obtain a manual? I would appreciate it greatly if anybody could direct me to an actual MP5 manual.
You might check with member "Golden Motor Canada" here on ES. I'd look thru his posts first to see if he linked them, or his site, then PM him if that fails.
I bought one also and same as you had no luck with information till I got a hold of someone overseas. I now have mine working feel free to ask me here or PM for any questions.
I almost destroyed my then-new Magic Pie 5 because there was NO WARNING not to use standard brake disk screws. If you do that, the screws go through into the controller housing, and when you run the motor, it then destroys itself. Fortunately I noticed the wheel was suddenly hard to turn, and someone at the site clued me in. The workaround is to use lockwashers on the rotor - this spaces the heads out just enough to shorten them enough to prevent the problem. It's UTTERLY AMAZING that the company doesn't include assembly instructions with the warning included...
Well, remember that GM also built a bunch of MPs some years back with black wires for battery positive and red wires for battery negative....

At least some did have stickers on them with + and - correctly labelled, but completely violating a de-facto standard that's existed for many decades and expecting everyone to not blow things up by following the standard instead of whatever fool thing the builder does is pretty silly. :/

I mean, wouldn't you assume someone put the stickers on backwards, and not that the wire colors were reversed? It's much more likely the stickers are wrong than the wire colors.....