Modern boardtrack-inspired cruiser build

i'll just put those pictures here : )


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Just a bit about headway cells.there pretty tough,easy to manipulate into size configs.will take the xlyte motor you want to use,best part is there easy to rebuild if you get a bad cell.bad point- heavy.
em3v batteries are awesome i have 2 buddies using them and going 40 plus miles an hr alot,plus side- light.
You have room in that frame for alot of different configs of batts.and you can use the triple tree fork for batts also.
Poko- that bike is amazing.

Beast- ive been talking to paul at em3ev about a 72v battery. The 75v pouch 20Ah battery is entirely too buIky.

I found a set of really nice looking leather panniers for the rear rack and what i want to do is install a 36v battery in each and then wire them in series with diodes.

paul said they are working on a 72v frame triangle battery im kinda waiting to hear back on that.

talked to ping- he said $1300 for 2 36v20Ah batteries wired in series with diodes and 2 chargers with shipping
To fit in my pannier bags....kinda steep for mid grade lifepo4 stuff..

Heres the bags:
That 175mm is actually 100mm- it would need to be 175mm to fit the 75v a123 battery from em3ev. Which is a no go
Go for lipo
At those saddle bags you can easily fit 20-30ah of 20s lipo .
10s each bag and connect in series to the controller and parallel to charge through a balance charger
im really contemplating at this point now that ive weighed out all the battery choices. Really cant beat lipo. How are the 5000mAh hard packs?
had some time tonight and fully assembled the bike finally. picked up the sportsman laid back seat post too. Even with the new seat post it looked kinda goofy and the seat looked too high. i cut about 2 inches off the seat stem so the entire seatpost and seat assembly could drop down. im pleased with the results.

im waiting on an ebay auction for an aged leather brooks flyer saddle to replace the tan one.

ordering my motor and some WIDE rims this weekend. My friend worked for a bike shop and said hed have no problem custom lacing up whatever wheels i want.
danjpendleton said:
im really contemplating at this point now that ive weighed out all the battery choices. Really cant beat lipo. How are the 5000mAh hard packs?

the 4s / 5000mah hardcase are not good cells at all. they are dirt cheap for a reason . i used them at one time and threw the pack away after 100 cycles. they are more like B grade cells.
they are not well balanced , have high resistance and huge V drop.

i personally use 35c / 10S zippy batteries on 2 scooters and like them but 10S packs might be tricky for someone new to LIPO as they have 2 JST balance leads which needs to be marked 1 and 2 and charged appropriately .

go for any zippy ot turingy which is not the hardcase. if you aim at 20S lipo either go for 10s packs or high capacity cells 5s.
Thanks poko. good to know.

I ended up winning that ebay auction on the brooks saddle. Its coming from germany :) only 26 bucks to ship international i guess.


My 3 inch wide dual wall rims came in from These are going to look so awesome. Waiting for my maxxis hookworms, tuffy tire liners, and kenda downhill tubes ;)

My brooks saddle came in and i mounted my rear rack. Really loving the look of the bike now. my maxxis tires, tuffy liners, and kenda dh tubes came in as well.....

So now its down to the motor hs3540 or 4080....

Does anyone know if the 4080 has the phase wire issue resolved. fixes the issue on all of their hs3540s but justin told me they dont carry the 4080 because its not compatible with a 7 speed casette in a standard bike dropout....but i obviously dont care because mine will be a single speed.
I am really looking forward I seeing this build... You inspired me to start a project very similar.. I made a thread earlier, when u get a chance please check it out n let me know what u think of the bike I'm planning on getting
Thanks. I ordered an hs3540 last thursday from As soon as i get it im going to drop it off with my rims, tires, liners, and tubes so i can have my buddy lace them up and get them ready for the bike. Id like to have it ready to ride by april 1st
That is awesome.. I'm really diggin the slightly laid back seat post, it's really gonna have a smooth look when your done..

Have u decided what battery you are gonna use??

Ill probably go lipo or headway unless paul(em3ev) gets back to me about the 72v triangular pack he was thinking of making out of samsung cells.

I dont think the (2) 36v ping batteries in series are worth the money- they just dont have a high enough c rate and for $1300 total w shipping and chargers....i just cant justify it.

Id rather take 2 of the 38v a123 packs paul has and run them in series. Thats $1430 with 2 chargers before shipping!!!
But whats an additional 200 or 300 bucks when your talking that kind of money anyhow. Plus those a123 pouch cells are rated 5-10x higher in terms of discharge rate than the ping batteries.

time will tell

Just received my hs3540 from grin cyclery. Took 8 days from canada, to my door in new hampshire, usa.

Im excited to get my custom wheels laced up to this baby
Gorgeous bike! This will be a nice conversion indeed.

LiPo would be the way to go because they're lighter/smaller, more flexible and typically cheaper. For your commute, I think 15Ah would suffice. To get 72V, you'd need 18S. So, you could get 6x 6S 8000mAh wired as 18S2P which will have a capacity of 16Ah. Actually, you could put 3 packs (in series) in each of those panniers and connect the sets in parallel. Another way to assemble that pack is to use 9x 6S 5000mAh wired in 18S3P with 15Ah, which would be cheaper.
I think I would have drilled the motor flanges with more spoke holes so it could have gone in the std rim, don't think anyone has done that yet? would defo look cool! 8)

Nice seat!! I have one just like it.
if i do go lipo i might do 20s3p with 12 turnigy 5s 5000mAh bricks. thatd be 80 volt 15Ah pack. 4 groups(containing 3 parallel packs) wired in series. Im still trying iron out the best way to charge/balance. Looks like 4 battery medics may work? One for each group of parallel packs. And then a 500w bulk charger ?
Your battery idea is almost exactly what I am doing for my current build, I am using 20s too, to charge I have a cellman switch charger (21s turned down to 20s) with a 20s Signalab bms mounted on it which when finished will have 4 cell logs mounted on it too, each displaying 5 of the 20 parallel string voltages, this connects to the bike with a d-sub25, 3 pins grouped together for - 3 pins grouped for + and 19 for intermediate cell taps. So I can do either 50% storage, 90% bulk or 100% balance charge. The cell logs will show me the cell voltages when I connect the charger, any out of balance needing investigating will show up and also confirm bms performance when charged. A plug and play 20s bulk/balance charger which also shows all the 20 individual cell string voltages.
I will rely on the CA for LVC but set it very safe at 73v.

I have not decided on which cells yet, 4s hard packs would be cheapest, 10s packs will simplify the wiring a lot! I will go for 15,16 or 20AH again not decided yet as I still have the main frame to design.