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Modern boardtrack-inspired cruiser build

Awesome bike mate. Just awesome.
Not much room left in the bag, u might be able to squeeze the controller in there, but im fine with mounting on the frame under the seat, which is what im working on now
danjpendleton said:
Not much room left in the bag, u might be able to squeeze the controller in there, but im fine with mounting on the frame under the seat, which is what im working on now

Have u fitted the triangle bag with the battery in the frame yet?? I've found with mine the triangle is pretty hard to fit a battery that's large with straight edges.. The curve of the top tube makes it difficult. My Battery just barley fits and the Velcro that attaches to the top tube over laps by only an inch or 2 because or the curved top tube and the straight edge battery...

I'm dying to see how It looks with the triangle bag in the non shaped cruiser style frame.. I chose a regular bag because I thought it may look kind of funky.. But I'm really curious to see how it looks in the frame. Next time u get the camera out snap a shot of it. I would love to see it...

Btw I know I've expressed it a few times but your build is freakin badass, it's like the big brother of my little toned down cruiser :) .

One thing I can say for sure though is once u hit a good sized bump or pothole you will be searching for a suspension fork to buy.. I plan on getting one and the thudbuster st to ease the ride a bit. I just need to figure a way to make it so the seat sits at the same height or lower than it does now with the Thudbuster so I can keep the clean sleek look
danjpendleton said:
“There comes a time in every race when a competitor meets the real opponent, and understands that its himself.”
― Lance Armstrong, Every Second Counts

Sorry, but you're quote is demanding a response:

"We have met the enemy, and he is US!"
-'Pogo' comicstrip

Beautiful bike, had some disaster bikes dumped on me and I gotta turn them into something, love what I'm seeing in yours.
have not ridden it yet. fabbed up some brackets to hold the battery and support it a little better than just the bag. also just picked up a freewheel spacer to straighten the chain line. luckily ebike-kit.com had it in stock so i didnt have to go to a machine shop :0) i have to run the brake cables tonight and tuck the wiring, but im hoping to take it for a ride tonight, possibly ride it to work tommorow.

ran the brake cables and tucked the wiring. The controller cable to the motor is entirely too long so ill probably shorten it. I still need to take a few links out of the chain and also need to dish the front wheel a bit to one side because its not centered in the forks. hopefully ill have it ready to rip for the weekend
I'm not totally sure but if that's the same fork that I got be careful stopping fast with front brake. I completely screwed the bearings in the fork and now their is movement every time I stop. I lost a couple of the ball bearings and the bearing mount is very weak and bent. I will be getting a new suspension fork soon. But it is something I would look out for.
No kidding...thats crummy. ill take a look when i get home i believe there is a manufacturer label on the top
I forgot who manufactures this fork but i have my fingers crossed.

Heres a pic of the shortened phase wiring/hall sensor wiring. I used high grade heat shrink butt connectors because they are recommended by the manufacturer that i work for and work very well. weather sealed and also a mechanical connection- best connection in my opinion.


And all heatshrinked over
That baby looks like its hitting 40mph parked, so sleek n smooth... But damn 43mph!!! That is awesome! Congrats on the build and successful test ride :). I think I might be following suit and getting one of them CellMan 75v batteries. I'm curious of what kind of range you'll get with it.
I think we smoked about 450 watt/hrs just gunning it from stop to full throttle a handful pf times in my neighborhood! 2900 watts though!
i thank this forum for all of its knowledge entirely.....you are the the most intelligent, fun-filled people in one place....
I cant even stand how fun this bike is. the hs3540 holds up pretty well to abuse. With temp sensing, its only gotten close to 120 deg c towards the end of my 15 mile ride. I avg 35mph+ with hills so im pretty happy with my setup

The battery is phenominal. i could probably ride to and from work on one charge which is right around 28 miles round trip with hills.
charger still works but the fan will not turn on.... can i just use a regular fan in front of the charger to keep it cool until i can repair it this week?
ended up being a small piece of rubber lodged into the fan. All set now. bike has almost 200 miles on it now. My commute is a piece of cake. I avg about 40 mph and can get to work in 25 minutes!!!

The only limiting factor has been the hs3540- its a solid motor but it creeps close to 115 degrees celsius towards the end of my ride
danjpendleton said:


I can highly recommend these too. I use 2x S5 packs on a smaller setup, 36v, and they perform very well.
Like your retro design. I have been thinking along the same lines for a new bike.
Hey Dan,
noticed your new front light on instagram, thought a picture and update might be worth it here ;)