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New build - Recycling a great frame

Mar 26, 2011
Hi All,

Currently getting into the challenging end bits to my new build. It is actually a rebuild of a stripped down build by Timma2500. (Paul)
For those who did not follow the original build here is the link.


Some truly great welding and smart redesign of a downhill frame. I love the hand built integrated torque arms, truly a one off build with hours of labour (love) put in to make this a hard back end. :D

So this build is going for more of a stealthy edge hence the frame going from Ferrari Red to Matt Black. The forks are piped down a little to avoid unnecessary attention, opting for single crown Marzocchi 55 CR Forks instead of a double crown Fox 40’s.
The bike will go into service as an urban commuter but I know I will be putting a set of knobby tyres on it soon after and stretching this bike out a little on weekends. After years on a cheap converted Chinese bike (2000w) I am looking for more of a plush armchair ride that will be capable of accelerating out of trouble on the mean streets of Sydney and been able to brake hard to avoid it. :lol:

Timma2500 (Paul) has been super helpful in recommending parts and even providing remote phone support as the build as progressed. Here are the specs:

Frame: 2007 Intense M3 frame, modified front end
Forks: 2014 Marzocchi 55 CR Forks
Rear Shock: 2009 Fox DHX5.0, Metal spring
Rear travel: 241mm

Motor: Crystalyte HT3525 - sensored, cooling holes, wire mod, 3mm re-drilled spoke holes
Controller: 18Fet 4110, 84v / 70a (Cell_Man)
Batteries: 20s Lipo, 12ah - 6 x 10s 4ah Turnigy A sopec Nano-Tech stick packs -
Power meter:Large screen CA V3

Wheels: 26" Sun Ringle MTX 33 welded camo rims. 13g Sapim spokes on rear
Tyres: Schwalbe Big Apple Bike Tyre Race Guard 27 inch x 2.15
Brakes: Shimano Zee M640 Disc Brake, 203mm floating rotors f & r , braided lines

Shifter: Sram X0 gripshift on LHS handlebar
Derailiur Sram X5
Cranks: Shimano Saint DH with Renthal 34t chainring
Chain device: E*Thirteen LG1 with bashguard

Torque Arms: 2 x custom with pinch bolts, 10mm thick mild steel
Wheelbase: 1204mm

So some of the key areas left are on the electronic side. If anyone had any input it would be appreciated.
1. Work on sorting out the programming of the CA V3 to work with the Infineon Controller. It is currently going really slow when CA plugged in and really fast when it is not plugged in to the CA. Possible throttle calibration needed.
2. Work on putting in a Switch to turn off the CA during the day while mains are plugged in.
3. Even better build a system that allow me to disconnect the controller and CA from the battery without having to get into the battery box to disconnect the mains.

I also will putting a GPS tracking system in this build so if someone "knocks it off" I will know where to go knocking. These are available pretty cheaply and give some piece of mind.

So some photos of the build so far.


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That build looks great and really powerful. I'm finishing mine soon, it's a dual suspension 3K carbon frame with a MAC-8T, CA V3 and Thun torque sensor all in black as well. I'll upload some photos soon and more specs. I'm waiting for the new batteries, which was thinking 2 Nano tech 8s1p to get 60V 5A. I went for lightness without sacrificing much power but I was tempted to go with Crystalyte and a frame capable of housing more juice.

Regarding your throttle question, yes the CA has a menu to adjust the throttle, all throttles are different so you need to set the min and max input voltages as well as the min/max output voltage that is given to the controller. I live in Newtown if you ever want to go for a quick spin, I like the idea of adding a GPS device, which one and where did you get it from?

Great job mate, I'm not an expert as this is my first build with a CA, but send me a message if you need some help setting it up.