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Raptor build - pre build stage

Crikey - more than 2 months since I've posted on my thread...I really have been a wee bit busy of late.

Anyhoo...bit of an update for those that care (mum...you reading this... :D ):

Have decided to go with the 140 frame (was always going to use 18650 cells, moto seat and wanted pegs) and I believe it's on it's way. Still have the 165 frame which Hyena is kindly holding for me and if anyone wants one for Lipo purposes it's going @ tax free cost price I believe... If no one bites and our laughing friend needs to free up space then I'll get it shipped over to Perth and chuck a high powered mid drive on the sucker...about the same time as I get booted out of home for spending too much mortgage money on toys....

I've managed to acquire a MaxE controller from another Perth local so fortunately am avoiding all of the hijinks of trying to get one out of Russia - can't wait to get the sucker fired up and start playing.

My 2014 Fox 40 RC2 Float Kashima coated (my gosh...that's a mouthful) forks also arrived. Ended up getting these for US939.99 through Jenson with the Active Junky 'bonus'. Anyone who doesn't know about Active Junky, they are essentially a website that shares the 'affiliate' discount that various sellers provide in order to canvass business. In this case, I got an additional 6% off the 999.99 forks - pretty much paid for shipping. Check Active Junky out if you haven't - is always worth seeing if the site your purchasing off will be provided an additional discount.

Pretty much now waiting for the frame to get cracking with the mechanicals....but still need to order batteries and wiring/plugs (whole of electrics except controller in essence).

Will update again soon...we sooner than the last time....
Not your mum but I'm watching! Interested to see how your battery configuration comes out!

EDIT: BTW, the frame is slightly less than 140 and the side panel mount take up even more room (so you'll have to raise the packs up to avoid hitting those. I'll post up what I mean in the 140 thread.
Your killing me Dark Night! So now you have both frames. OMG Hope you do the bills LOL