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Jul 9, 2013
Ummm.. Started out in Victoria BC Canada, then sta
Already mentioned here on Alt. Planet ES, so might open for business.

Have for sale sometime in future one... empty box.

... full of DIY gadgets and trinkets, doo•dad addons.

Up to buyer to select items to put in box.

But 1) ya gotta buy first, one or more "Hammacher Schlemmer cheapo trike", as mentioned earlier in some or other thread here:

... and at additional costs, one or more "Jacks" to put in Box.

First up? One or more TOBA-style combo handlebars/metal basket or similar.

Also for box, one/more bicycle bag etc metal cargo holders.

Next? Said basket to hold lots of "stuff". (Basket/handlebars price TBA, but ballpark $100.

Said "stuff" EG one or more betteries (sp?), typically 48V, 10Ah. Or greater Ah. (Xtra cost, depending on Ah desired.)

Weight of basket/handlebars and battery (and pie-shaped extra electric hub motor installed in front wheel), and instruments add weight to EG stop front wheel from spinning in grass and up hills.

Optional handlebar items:
One or more "Cycle Analysts" from Lord Justin on Canadian Wet Coast. (sp?)

One or more Grin "Cycle Lumenators" head lamps.

One or more sound signalizing devices, as required by local laws (and if foggy out and at higher speeds, in the dark).

One/two drink holders.

Delux pendulum, etc leveling seat with fold down arm or arms.

One or more attachable trailer hitches (see Rickshaw tourist business, attached trailer(s), etc).

(More items TBA.)
LockH said:
Already mentioned here on Alt. Planet ES, so might open for business.

Have for sale sometime in future one... empty box.

BTW. Subsequent boxes can convert to shells (think "Velomobile"), such that some ebikers might "Rule the Road", SUV-style (riding their "huge" modified tricycle.).
Also maybe in box (if "ticked"):
Fashionable scarf for passenger guests

(At small extra charges.)
Knobby "off road" front tire, anybuddy? (Tick box re numbers. Anyway, early experiments suggest a "must have". )

(At some small extra costs.)

(It's a BIG box!)

(Add more bits?)
Premium Rush h2go Solus 24oz Black Stainless Steel Water Bottle anybuddy?

(Tick off quantity to add to box.)

(Price watt market bears.)

Tick off one of these babies?:

(Net Weight :0.406kg, but is detachable from vehicle. Handy for fast stops.

(Or tailwinds.)

1.5Kg galvanised folding grapnel anchor?

When ya need to chain/lock vehicle to... something. (See also "braking" above.)

(If WiFi/GPS remote camera and other amusing thingees not working. For some reason.)
"Spybike"-style? (Tracker. Covert GPS device, hides on your ebike.)

(Tick box, and indicate quantity. Device may or may not be of exact same dimension/weight.)

(But similar.)

sort of.
Maybe tick off too:

(Any resemblance to Uflex Rotech, Universal Rotary Cable Steering System entirely coincidental. Installs back of combo handles/basket unit, over front wheel, to steer two back wheels.)

Vehicle at rest, wheel can temp hold various... "stuff", EG see drink holder above.

... or mentioned below.

I forget which.

One or more "High Energy" supplies:

(Dang kid. Edited image filename.)

Cigar/ciggie/roach holder (fits into one or another drink holder)
Idea stolen from windsurfing crowd:

("Wind assist" helps to extend trip durations by bettery-electric.)

(Also "sails" can power onboard wind generator.)

... if a windy day.

...and etc.
Heinz Beanzawave – The Worlds Smallest USB Powered Microwave Oven

Or similar. Measuring just 150mm x 160mm x 190mm.

Come on. Check the box. (You know you want to.)
Granny will be so pleased when she opens that box (Christmas whenever).

(Colour illustrated may vary, depending on Mums/Pet size of coconut, etc and available colours and stripes.)
Maybe better not let Capital G or dog, etc. see this:

(Goes w/optional tire pressure charger.)

(Charger? See below. Caution. Possibly much mouse clicking/tick marks.

just a guess
OK. W/thought to various futures, going forward mailing/shipments via solid wood/wicker basket (Deposits cheerfully refunded upon return receipt of said valet box.)

... or deducted against full cost of any sub purchase baskets from PEP
(Posted elsewhere, so a tick mark here too maybe, if tests positive): ... 24418.html

AmSteel Blue is a torque free 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size for size, is the same strength as steel yet it floats. AmSteel Blue outlasts wire 3:1, making it an excellent wire rope replacement. It has extremely low stretch and superior flex fatigue and wear resistance. Samthane coating enhances that already high abrasion and cut resistance.
Applications: Competition Grade Running Rigging, Kite/Wakeboard/Water ski Lines, Trawl and Bridle Lines, Wire Replacement, Non Jacketed High Performance Tug Lines, Climbing and Rigging Accessories, Pulling and Stringing Lines, Winch Lines, Low Stretch Support Lines (Wire Replacement), Horizontal Lifelines, Logging Wire Replacement Ropes, General Working Lines, Rig Tow Lines.

... and metal eye bolts (zinc plated... steel?), w/"safe "working" load: 50lbs." (EACH.)

About a buck a foot. (Several feet needed?)

(Worst case, line fer lashing cargo aboard en route to beach.)

Handy piece of long tow rope.

or wherever

One or more drink holders may bare resemblance to BBall "hoop" net.

Drips dry too

(for NERF® foam balls see option below.)


(above balls can be air-dried also.)

floats on water surface

(ED: Above balls, meant to say.)
Might say this thread is attempt at Co-Op buying/distributing bulk buys into ... baskets of component options, individually selected by you, Dear Viewer.

To play with but primarily with safety. And Fun.

Handy-Dandy (TM) hang up 24 LED bettery/plug from anything reliable and safe for electronics (sp?).

(Tick Box Thirsty yet there, camper? - Tourist, perhaps?)

Depending on traveling styles.

or wattEVer
Carbeerian end of TERA, may hold cane defences.


Beside dangerous lookout lawn.

Telescopes and lawn chairs available.


Oh. And maybe have blankets.


Oh. And brownies.

EDIT: Some in KR Pirates (Carbeerian Chaps of TERROR (sorry, meant TERA)) amuse with Bartitsu.

on the lawn.

Sorry to be OT. Will source canes/umbrellas for PEP treats box.

Back seat play for youngsters.

(And not so young.)

Handy-Dandy (TM) Binoculars handy at beach. Etc.

or investigating strangers.

or those neighbours

[Having tick marked Y and Q, tick if overland delivery.

COD. Correct?

(By one report, may make many thieves think twice re messing w/traveling device.)
... or perhaps one small bottle of Bourbon?


(tick it off... - Ahhh... remembering the nautykill life (sp?).)

see below re Pickled Eggs