Phoenix Ebike Promotions

BTW. Re reusable trunks, eg:

ED: Sorry! In above, trunk on top. (Although I suppose my taxidermist master might wanna tweak another dead skin - re bottom trunk above.)
In this upcoming Fall Issue (Ladies Journal "keeper" edition) of Ebiker Rebel magazine, PEP - in cooperation with GEBA, special insert "The Shirting Issue".
(Preppy Chic gets modern edge with the Updated Ebikershirt, which is equally suited for the Office or weekend hangin' on the boy toys new two-seater for ebiker jaunts.)


(Ebiker possibly not to scale. No luck finding "Zeppelin" printing papers at last minute.)

ED: Above pic referring to extended seat version, obviously.

(The ebike, I meant to say.)

When clicking, indicate size (her size, obviously.
Knife-sized "Mini Machete" (as seen used by experimenter.) One hundred repair/survival uses!
GEBA (Carbeerian Chapter of TERA) has now made a collection of signs available for sale via PEP! Examples:

(Cheap signs are meant for Rec Room walls, etc., and not for posting (printed on waterproof materials) around area trails.)

(Pink ones selling out fast.)

(EG "CAUTION: Babies May Be Crawling Ahead".)

Will update current selection of signage below.

Eventually. (Possibly when beer runs out.)

If box ticked, $10-$20 per sign.
LockH said:
One or more drink holders may bare resemblance to BBall "hoop" net.

May look more like this (can be attached... all over):

(Tick quantity desired.)
For those young ones soap box racing this summer, next year, perhaps Mummy will chuck together one "new age" (and faster) "Go Cart":

(Soon to be offered conversion kit from PEP. Instead of using a mower/Stinkmobile engine which you can get off an old mower - or look on eBay for a few dollars, PEP suggests an electric motor plus bettery - and more drink holders.)

not sure re spelling of word "battery".
And watt EVery ebiker needs in their tools:

(Handy-Dandy (TM) Magnifying Glass? Handy maybe for old eyesight and maps. Lighting fires using sunlight, jiffy plastic wire cover melt/gluing, etc.)


(Tick box. Indicate quantity beside order.)

Re Tools, see leather satchel below.

other tools also.

Eccentric???? Yah, if I had any money. (Far as I know I am just crazy.)

So. Pack of Ebiker Joker playing cards for ya? (Some jokes maybe stolen from here)

King/Queen etc. pics taken of Royalty aboard ES.


Tix boxes to see.


or not.
BTW. The whole reason for this thread (Company in business) is to offer folks a comfy way to travel, by bettery-electric vehicle.

Currently am tending towards one "Magic Pie" to add to box (electric motor to lace into front wheel).

if interested tick box.

(Other stuff might be characterized as for urban "camping".)

on the cheap, sort of
ASY FreeChat CD-209MV Headset

(Plugs into... somewhere on PEP conversion vehicle.)

Helps dampen annoying car horn sounds, angry yelling motorists, etc.

Tick quantity. Maybe about $25 each.
Add to box maybe?

One or more "Kill A Watt"

As seen here:

(Currently about $30... if ya tick one in the box.)
Perhaps think of this place as "One Stop Shopping" (for noob ebiker DIY needs).

"Automotive" self design where you get to pick the "bricks" and build your own custom vehicle. :twisted:

`Case some like to travel in style.
Haven't mentioned any lock yet?

But what is perhaps better than deterring a thief?

(Catching the sneaky grrrl - or guy.)

So maybe add to box (tick mark), one "EasyN FS-613B-M166 Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera with 2-Way Audio"

... or similar.

"Thief" may realize (upon approaching vehicle) that their picture has already been seen (and recorded remotely, time/date stamped.)

currently about $100 Cdn.
Maybe tick box for "Wagan 12V Portable Car Cooler Warmer Travel Fridge 7 Liters Auto Cold Hot New Small Personal Coke AUTO Fridge Refrigerator"

... say about $80. (Carries fine in trailer, or see elsewhere re attached Rickshaw baskets. Consumes 48 watts, 4 amps. Can plug into 12V outlet on PEP vehicle- see below.)
DKA30C-12 - 30W 48V Input Dual 12V Output DC-DC Converter

(Input Voltages 36 ~ 72Vdc, DC out _+12V 25-30W. REMOTE on-off. About 80% efficient.)

Add to box?
Bausch & Lomb Magna-Page Magnifier, 8-1/4" x 10-3/4"?

... about $20. Amaze yer friends! (Other advantages? See above re "magnifying glass".)
Our Take: Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Kit:

(Unfortunately, our PEP Gift Box has way more fun stuff in it. Than their itsy-bitsy little box of stuff.)

Urban travelling... equipped.
Selection of USB cords anybuddy?

(One example:)

... maybe $10-$20 per type/quantity.

Might come in handy for desk of optional heated/swiveling "Captain Chair" (laptop, etc.)

And etc.

anyway. The usual. Tick type and number in box.

Or not.
EVery smart ebiker needs one 3" NAUTICAL MARITIME~ WEST LONDON ~ 1862 ~ BRASS SUNDIAL COMPASS NAUTICAL DECOR" to tell direction/time of day.

Chuck one in box?

(And add about $20 to bill.)
48 Lb Test 325' 100% Natural Hemp Twine Ball Roll

... say $10 Cdn.?

(While mentioning wiring strung all around vehicle, some moving more, some less. Ball of twine comes with Handy-Dandy (TM) instruction re "Chain Sinnet" (aka "Monkey Braid") for lashing up wiring to vehicle frames w/cut lengths.


More and/or less.

Also, twine said to be "Eco-friendly" - popular w/"tree huggers".

(hemp not of "smokable" sort.)
Back to basics (parts still missing... from box):
OK. Controller. Again, tend to rely on Lord Justin:

... lets throw one "cheapo" C3620-NC in box?

Say about $110Cdn currently. (Rider may choose to upgrade later.)
One portable (12V, plugs into "cigarette lighter"-style outlet - see below) air compressor. Max 300PSI. (And shipping weight only one pound!)

Chuck one in the box? (And another maybe $20 US/CDN.) In addition to party balloons, etc, fills tires too!

(Only one tire refilled at a time. Unfortunately.)

For now, but working on that.

Cyclist/pedestrian safety device!

(May bare a passing resemblance to surplus military hydrogen-filled balloon.)

Uninflated, weights only about maybe 5 pounds. But fully inflated, in addition to rider/pedestrian safety/visibility, actually can help extend bettery-electric transportation - distances per battery refills. (Helps if operator going down winds.)

(Disclaimer. So far, does NOT like safety pins, etc.)

So... chuck maybe ANOTHER $40 in box? (We'll throw in balloon.)


(ED: Helium gas may work as well.)

Truly a revolution in ebiker safety!

(ED: Sorry. Can work equally well attached to small animals.)
(At least, cat looked OK, when last seen. Apparently to visit Buffalo.)