Phoenix Ebike Promotions


Better throw a couple of these in the box.

(Maybe only $5 each.)
Anybuddy feeling horny perhaps?

Biologic Blast Airhorn delivers up to 115 decibels of sound with fully adjustable volume control. Yet weighs less than 100 grams!

(And air canister can be refilled by balloon/tire air refiller thingee above. Maybe 30-50 BLASTS from one charge)

Maybe surprise the heck out of that nasty honking car operator.

Chuck about another $40 in the box?

...or not. Can see how might not appeal to terminally boring.
Next in the box, one piece of "light Duty" 1/2" reinforced vinyl garden hose:

With plastic funnel:

(May not be exactly as shown, but you get the idea?)

...with hose clamp.


Born from experimenters own experience, on one recent trip. Had to... "pee" (twice) on a trip one day, so had to pull over and Handy-Dandy (TM) shorts allowed rider to... fiddle with something in bag on back, while relieving themselves on/in the grass beside the sidewalk. "Over the side", so to speak. (No need to stand up!)

Anyway... Section of hose plus funnel expands lots more opportunities to Go Number One, EVen while underway!

(Of course, drinking while driving down the sidewalk is lots of fun, but may be discouraged in some jurisdictions.)

(Tick off one for the box. Only maybe $10 Cdn. or US fun...ds.)
Currently, Search found 13 matches: +Savonius (now 14, I guess) hits on ES. Tick off one Handy-Dandy (TM) collapsible Savonius generator (with small "wheel"/generator) to throw in the box? (Replaces sail (see below).)

Cost a few hundred dollars extra, I guess, but can recharge bettery (sp?) while parked or underway.

Cummon... tasty thingee, yes? (Pic of that Savonius thingee below.)
For the Hammacher Schlemmer trike, also can add one small spanker (no, not that thingee your boy toy/grrrl pal is thinking about), butt seen via Giggle (sp?) on that Wicked Pee thingee, "a gaff rigged fore-and-aft sail set from and aft of the aftmost mast".

So in ebiker terms, can assist travels using wind power to cut or entirely replace bettery consumption!

(Also is taller than that silly little flag thingee as supplied with the HS trike.)

So, tick off one to throw in the box? (Again, it is a large box, but sail/mast/rigging is all collapsible, and sort of sun-resistant materials.)

Maybe $100-$200 to add to order costs. Price approximate.

Sort of.

"The Wind Lens was unveiled at this month’s Yokohama Renewable Energy International Exhibition 2010. The structure works similarly to a magnifying glass that intensifies light from the sun — except in this case, the lens intensifies wind flow. Ohya’s design doesn’t have too many moving parts — just a hoop (AKA a brimmed diffuser) that “magnifies” wind power, and a turbine that is rotated by wind captured from the hoop. Each Lens, which measures 112 meters in diameter, can provide enough energy for an average household."

Looks sorta like one of those:

Throw one "mini Wind Lens" in your box? (Comes with telescoping stand, so can be mounted on HS trike back flag position.)

Or elsewhere. Depending upon length of wire supplied. Or longer w/extra extension wires (see below).
Throw a few potatoes ta bake (may have trimmings)? (Sizes and shapes may not EXACTLY be right.):

PLEASE NOTE: Reports coming in of some nasty old ebiker dud (sp?) using one potato to quietly stuff/jam up some car/truck exhaust tail pipes, then riding off cackling. Such behaviour CANNOT be condoned... maybe throw one-two more extra potatoes in the box for ya?

Maybe like price a buck each for "souvenir" potatoes. (Remember that awesome beach fire?)

("Honest, Officer"!)
Portable 12V Air Conditioner anyone?:

Reports from "SUV" mod box kit conversions suggest may be TOO comfy on hot daze. So this item borrowed from here:!/

Can be used to aid drinks cooler or hang inside "box" or "stand alone" (with Handy-Dandy 12V electrical extension cord, see below.

Maybe $20-40 bux. Approx. Add one to the box?

(It is entirely coincidental that heater core from that '77 VW Rabbit down the street has been... mislaid.)
Watt??? No orders yet??? Ya know, I have a small crew of elves here (they hate it when I say that. Hehe), rejects mostly, from that OTHER biz/ box stuffing place - their biz now melting away I hear.

So they could use the work?

(Please? Some have REALLY small mouths to feed back at their homes.)

(Not trying to plead charity here, or anything like that.)

Somea those poor kids are wannabe ebikers, I hear.
As seen/used in early daze, Mr. Tuffy Bike Tire Liners (only comes two to a package, so better tick quantity of 2 packs for the box):

About maybe $20 PER PACK OF TWO

(Limited time offer.)
Elves and I were meeting...

...and inconsideration of their eating/drinking habits, we wish to make a suggestion please?

$1000 minimum delivered price/cost per box (in addition to cost of fun Hammacher Schlemmer three-wheeled thingee. Or if seperate box ordered... seperately.), including return delivery of re-usable trunk. (Sorry. Meant to use the word box.)

(Said min. price includes at the least one each hub motor, one controller, one smallish bettery group of cells wired in some series/parallel combo. And misc. bits and scrapes. Well, enought stuff to get ebiker rolling at waaaay higher speeds.)

(Watt may or may not be dangerous.)

(Sorry. Meant to use "strips" above. Also, vehicle has more drink holders, etc.)

(And waaaay more "extra".)

... say about $50-$60 (May only interest thee that have already ticked one HS swinging chair w/table for plugin laptop. And other "plugin" stuff.)

(Tick off one or more please.)
Interesting... Fellow ebiker/traveller pedaling "product"via FacePlant (sp?):
Minna Life’s “KGoal” is the World’s First Fitness Tracker for Your Ebikers Kegels:

(Can help recharge betteries w/modifications (see below), plus good "work out" for ebiker slaver babes.)


(Ach MEIN GOTTs. Did I say THAT??? Meant to say Ebiker Lords and Masters. Sorry `bout that!)
Of interest maybe to "SUV"-style box EV-ers, "thin-film" solar tech, the "next generation" in solar technology. Rugged and lightweight:

Maybe $20 per cell... (EG .066 Watt 3 Volt whole Thin Film Solar Panel. Each cell(?) maybe dimensions: 1.5" x 2.5")

(EDIT: Free energy cells you can leave your children.)
Hehe... First non-paid Giggle (sp?) W-W-W search for phrase "Phoenix Ebike Promotions". (Not bad for effective time spent promo-ing new small biz. Hehe...)
By popular demand, patent-pending PatchNRide™ "is the FIRST and ONLY real solution to easily and safely repair ALL bicycle tires that get a flat - both TUBULAR and CLINCHER - on the road, in less than 60 seconds. No experience needed"!

About $20 each. (Pic shown minus cap.)

(Add one to the box. HIGHLY recommended, maybe.)
(Another Ebiker Mad Dude biz seen on Face Plant (sp?):
John Deere Men's Lined Deerskin Leather Driver Glove... about $30 for one pair.

(Have been found wonderful, for eg protecting hands from feats of daring during high rates of urban travels.)

Also, gentlemen and ladies protect skin plus looks cool with silk scarf (below).
I suppose it was inevitable after all this time... Phoenix Ebike Promotions has ebiker gear clothing (can chuck bits in box. Prices vary.)

Artist inspired by online forum thread "Clothing Zepp-style":

(Some articles of clothing also might be suitable for ebike rebels. (Sorry. Meant to use Engrish (sp?) word rabble. Errr... something else like that.)
Interesting... or not. Back on November 10 last year I mentioned elsewhere "... an accountant/writer, now trying to break "out" into the ebike promo biz."


Yeah Baby. This 12 volt foot warmer (sorry. "Slow cooker" aka "crockpot".) adds 4.5 lbs plus contents. Only 8.9 x 8.8 x 7.3 inches. (1.5 quart removable, dishwasher safe stoneware.)

Might be about $30-45 if one goes ahead and ticks that little box thingee.

Ed: Nonetheless, with placement in vehicle, see native-made foot moccasins below.
Also, small comfy blinkies (blankets, meant to say. sorry.).

Arrive at work and home, beach bonfire, etc. with snack ready!
Well, well... One thousand "hits" on this thread as of today. Again, PEP's a business, with conversion kit like not available anywhere on our planet (two+ drink holders, etc.) Urban travels in the custom gentlemen and ladies are all spoiled and pampered about these daze. In an "Eco Friendly" mode.
Yeah Baby. Talk about yer blatant flags re visibility:
View attachment Mann.bmp

(Flag of the Isle of Man Civil Defence Service.)

Flies from camp, wherEVer. (And off vehicles also.)

Chuck one/two in box?

Maybe $20-40 for sorta well made nylon, etc.

See below re similar Dutch Orange flag and stuff.

(It's for visibility Officer, honest!)
Oh goody. Competition for the biz from India:

(Indian rupees? "Net Selling Price: 8500 (Excluding Charger, Rim and Switches) and at 15% promo discount too.)

Currently about $86 US bucks. Plus wattEVer.

Neah, nah. We got more drink holders! Our oysters stay chilled longer in the cooler. Nah nah...

(ED: 240 W BLDC Motor. NA snort snort.)