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Quadro Trike

Interesting. How does that thing work in the turns? One side pedal one side motor, what do you call that?

That is quite clever. In this country it would be a 4 wheeler and subject to different laws than a bike or trike.
In Russia it is still only passes the fashion for MTB, road bikes are gaining popularity. And recumbent and trike's yet exotic.
In my city anymore there is no such bikes, only my...

I am going to alter this trike, I want to replace two forward wheels with one steering, as on usual recumbents.
There will be 20 ' forward wheel, and rear two nearby standing wheels. And the left back wheel is powered by pedals, and right back by electromotor.
And the basic base unit of a design remains without changes, it will be possible to convert trike in "usual" recumbent and back.
Welcome to Endless Sphere, Reah. That is one cool piece of engineering!
Edit: Whoops! I see you've been around a while!