Observations from a new to tadpole trike rider.

First of all great majority of Chinese goods are overhyped junk. The fact you have them all over your house means nothing. I have some Chinese goods in my house too, but the great majority of what I own is not made in China. Second, they are all made in a regime controlled communist country. "Red Chinese units" is as accurate description as it can be. Actually it should be Red Chinese junk. If you buy something made in China you should always cut stated parameters in half and assume that you will have to fix it before you use it. It is clear from your posts that you have some internal problems and by calling someone racist you are trying to shift these problems on others. This will not work. Disclaimer: I was born and raised in a communist country. What I know you will never get from books or computer or TV.
Perhaps you are correct.

But is it better to push the issue or to let it fade? This is intended to be a forum about electric vehicles, and bringing in other topics could make that unavailable (which was my mistake).
Yeah, i also vote we get back to engineering..